OnRPG Weekly News Roundup: November 02 – November 09

By Joshua Temblett (Dontkillmydreams), OnRPG Journalist

World of Warcraft

Micro Transactions

Mini LichLet’s jump straight into this week’s Weekly News Roundup!  Shocking news popped up this month about Blizzards introduction of micro transactions to World of Warcraft.  At the moment, these transactions are only related to buying in-game pets… although I do have to ask, what will it be next? 


You have a choice of buying either a panda, or a pretty cool looking mini-lich.  The panda, named the Pandaren Monk, does have something special about it though.  Until the 31st December 2009, anyone who buys this cute pet will have the knowledge that half of the money they spent on the item will go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  At least it’s for a good cause, right?  Unfortunately for the Lil’ K.T there, no money is donated to charity when the pet is bought.


You can buy the Pandaren Monk here and the Lil’ K.T here.


Transaction to Battle.net


The move over to Battle.net will be taking place on the 11th November.  Make sure you remember to log in with your Battle.net Username and Password after the 11th November.


Tier 10 Armour Sets


You can now get a sneak preview of the Tier 10 Armour Sets coming in the next patch, 3.3.  Some of them look really great, so make sure you take a peek.  You can view it all here.


Final Fantasy XI

November Version Update


Yes, yet another big update hits the world of Vana’diel.  This November Update brings a lot of interesting updates, however those who were waiting for the Synergy and Evolith systems will have to wait a little bit longer, as they won’t be released in until the middle of November. You can find a list of all of the updates made in this patch here.


Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth iPhone ApplicationFallen Earth


“Through the new iPhone application, players will have constant access to Fallen Earth, which has been one of the most critically acclaimed releases this year. Through its interactive features, the application will allow Fallen Earth players to view their in-game character stats, mutations and trade skills as well as provide access to equipped and stored items. Players will also have the capacity to view maps for each of the three sectors in the 1,000 square kilometers of the game’s landscape.”


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your hands on this little application until the first quarter of 2010. 


Asheron’s Call

Massively’s Interview with Asheron’s Call former Lead Designer


In the wake of Asheron’s Call 10th Anniversary, Massively.com have managed to talk to former Lead Designer Toby Ragaini, who gives his insight about various things, such as how he thinks the MMORPG genre will expand in the near future.  You can find the interview right here, it’s a great read.



You can also find a really well made Asheron’s Call timeline on the official website.  Click here, to view it.



Free Unlimited Trial


The Free Unlimited Trial has been released for Warhammer Online.  You’ll now be allowed to play up until level 10, and the first Tier.  Here’s a small section of the press briefing:


“The new WAR endless free trial replaces the original 10-day time-limited trial program, and gives new and returning players the opportunity to create and play any of the 24 different careers to find their perfect character match for use during extended gameplay if they purchase the game and/or subscribe. The endless free trial limits players to progress through character level 10 as they explore the tier one Empire vs. Chaos zones of Nordland and Norsca. In addition, players can explore the newly added tier one dungeon, Hunter’s Vale, or battle other players in the instanced scenarios Nordenwatch, Khaine’s Embrace and Gates of Ekrund.”


If that hasn’t inspired you to pop onto the website and start downloading, then maybe the full press announcement will.


Patch 1.3.2 Interviews


With the new patch arriving, some interviews about the newest patch have popped up.  Massively are offering you a video interview, and the fansite Warhammer Alliance have a small interview which you can view here.


Allods Online

Closed Beta


The closed beta for gPotato’s newest game, Allods Online, has now started (10th November) and will be running until the 24th November.  This is only the first Closed Beta Test, there should be more to come.  Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any beta keys.



New Information for Patch1.5.1


Some new information regarding Aion’s up and coming patch can be found here.  Please remember, that this patch is still in the test phases and changes can and will be made to this list.


Champions Online


“We are pleased to announce Champedia, a central database for all Champions Online in-game data. You can use Champedia to search for Characters, Super Groups, Missions and Powers.  This update also includes guild pages with integrated web-based guild management. Guild leaders and officers will find extra options on the guild page that will enable them to update the Message of the Day, add / remove members or promote / demote users. Please note that Champedia is in beta right now and will only improve with time. Enjoy!”


You can click here to check it out.


Antlantica Online

New Lite Client


For those of you who found the game a bit too big to install all in one blow, you’ll be happy with the announcement of a newer client. 


The Lite Client works by letting the user to download a small portion of the game in order to begin experiencing the early stages of the game. While player are enjoying the first level 1-20 level areas that are included in this Lite Client, the Lite Client will continually be downloading the rest of the game in the background to allow players to keep progressing into later parts of the game.”


The Lite Client isn’t designed for players above level 20, so if you are then there’s no point in downloading it.  If you are just starting the game however, then I fully recommend you download the new client so you can start playing as soon as possible.


Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online Release Date


The game will be coming out on February the 2nd 2010 in America, and February the 5th in Europe.  Need I say anything more?


Guild Wars 2



Gamers have been waiting years for Guild Wars 2, ever since it was announced at the same time as the Guild Wars expansion Eye of the North.   Well now it turns out that the game might be released in 2011, and that there will be a beta in 2010.  Here’s a quote from the NCsoft  CEO, Jaeho Lee:


“I believe there will be certain public events in the year 2010… at least a closed beta test for those titles (ED: also referring to Blade and Soul). Commercialisation will be expected, at this point, probably some time in the year 2011” I think all we can do is wait and see.



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Releases


Modern Warfare 2 (the latest game in the Call of Duty series) has now been released for the PC, Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.  There have been a few bugs with the PS3 version, more specifically a bug for PS3’s multiplayer.  The response to the PC version has been varied, as the lack of dedicated servers, mod support, console support, command console support, higher price tag and lack of community support has dragged it down a few notches, with PC gamers (rightly so) still being annoyed about the lack of features.


Regardless of these problems the game has been receiving a lot of positive reviews. 


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Producer Appears On Bashandslash.com

Yes, bashandslash.com, the website in which Rob Bowling appeared and told PC gamers that there would be no dedicated servers in Modern Warfare 2 (basically destroying the game), has now played host to another gaming celebrity.


Gordon Van Dyke, the producer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, appeared on a podcast and told gamers about the new Battlefield game.  He was greeted with a very positive response, and he did much to clam PC gamers.  The main thing that he highlighted in the interview is that gamers should just give the game a try, through either the Beta or the Demo (which be available for free to everyone on the 360, PS3 and the PC), instead of Infinity Wards statement of “Buy it, and try it out”. 


Well done Gordon Van Dyke!  I suggest everyone take a listen to the interview, which can be found here.


Now that’s a wrap!  I’ll see you next time for some more weekly news!  Keep gaming, and keep coming back to Onrpg.com for your MMORPG fix. 

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