Onrpg Weekly News Roundup: October 19 – 26

By Joshua Temblett (Dontkillmydreams), OnRPG Journalist

Well here’s another roundup of MMORPG news. Nothing really exciting this week, I guess everyone’s just gearing up for Halloween events and the big Winter rush of games, however there might be some big news next week with regards to Final Fantasy XIV and some other games.  Anyway back to the present, here’s what we’ve got this week. 

Final Fantasy XI

A Shantotto Ascension

You can now buy the new mini expansion, “A Shantotto Ascension – The Legend Torn, Her Empire Born”.  You can only purchase the game online, like all of the other mini expansions, however as mentioned last week there will be an “Ultimate Vana-diel” package which will feature all of the content so far, including the mini expansions.

Once you’ve bought the new mini expansion you’ll have to wait until November 9th, which is when the next Final Fantasy XI version update will occur.


Final Fantasy


Job Adjustments and Additions: Part II

Another round of Job Adjustments is scheduled for the November Patch, this time for the beastmaster and summoner classes.  Some very cool skills for both of the jobs have been added, you can view the whole thing here.

Runes of Magic

The Pumpkin Festival

“The night of the nights begins: high up in the Forsaken Abbey the old nightmare of Taborea comes to life and sends its minions to celebrate this special night! Undead crawl out of the cold graves, ghosts leave their paintings to haunt the living and all kinds of monsters and undead brood crawl howling through the alleys.

It’s Halloween!

The taborean inhabitants face this awakening of the once living in their very own way: they disguise themselves and join their ranks in haunting the streets. Join them and take part in our Halloween event starting this week. Collect candies, hunt the pumpkin or take part in monster parades.” So here are the details:

On Halloween a tasty in-game pumpkin-based event will launch in Runes of Magic. On 27th October, every player of the online role play game will be able to experience the Taborean Pumpkin Festival. The high point of the Halloween festival will be the event zone at the Oblivion Shrine. This is where there will be an exciting challenge to master:

Players are going to meet up with some wild Pumpkin Monsters along with some crazy Demon Pumpkins as well. Only those who are able to skilfully use the captured seeds to defend themselves against the superiority of the Halloween fruit will be credited with points. At the end of each round, on the basis of their points, all participating players will be awarded the so-called Mad Fire. Adventurers can then exchange this Halloween currency for gifts within the context of the event. The Mad Fire can be cashed in for parts of a special Pumpkin Festival set, from transformation drinks right up to small companions. Whoever is especially successful at bagging the Mad Fire will also secure up to two rare titles. ‘Let’s Rock! Kaz!’ and ‘Kaz Madness’ can be earned exclusively during the Pumpkin Festival.

The event will run up to the 10th of Novemeber this year.

For those of you who are looking for something extra special this Halloween, this event seems to be for you. 

Halloween RoM

Lord of the Rings Online

Developer Diary: SoM Skirmishes: Skirmish Soldiers

You can find new details about the new skirmish system coming to LOTRO here.

Ask the Development Team, Part 2

Yet another series of questions (written by players) have been thrown at the developers.  There are actually some incredibly interesting questions and answers here so I really do suggest that you check it out if you’re a LOTRO fan. 

You can view the whole thing here.

Champions Online

Blue Moon Trailer

You can find the new trailer for the new content update (and event), entitled The Blood Moon, here.  I hope that gets you all excited for the new content!


Blood Moon


Free Retcon!

Due to last weekend’s server issues the lovely developers of Champions Online are giving all of their players a free Retcon!  Yay!  You should be receiving this bad boy on the 27th of September.

Here’s a reminder about Free Retcons: “Keep in mind that free Retcons do not stack, so players who have not used their previous free Retcon before tomorrow morning’s maintenance will not receive a new one. Also note that free Retcons do not impact purchased ones in any way.”

Zombie Apocalypse PVP

“The Hero Games Zombie Apocalypse map is a player-versus-player scenario map. The heroes stand against an unending army of (NPC) zombies and one former hero, a player whose character has been “zombified…”

You can read more here.


October Aion Community Address

The development team have written an article which covers various aspects such as RMT organisations.  You can read it here.

An interview with the first players to reach Level 50

You can tell how good a development team is by how much they integrate with the community.  Aions’ developers show their greatness in an interview with the first two players to reach Level 50, Drno and Almisaela.  There are some interesting little facts in interview and it’s a good read. You can read it here.

Eye on the Community

Some more player questions to the developers have popped up in this community roundup.  One of the answers addresses the issue of the “Crysystem.dll error”, and how the development team is working hard to solve the problem. For more information, click here.

Dungeon Fighter

Halloween Event!

Things included in the event are a quest chain with Seria, which should help to get you some spanking new items and if that wasn’t enough, you also have the chance to win some awesome DFO character figurines. You can view details about the event here.

Important Notice Regarding NX Cards

Just a small heads up: “We’ve been alerted that some 10,000 NX Nexon Game Cards purchased at 7-Eleven are not working correctly. We are working with our vendors to ensure these cards work as intended by the end of today, Monday, Oct. 26. We know players are eager to use the cards they’ve purchased, so should we not be able to resolve the issue by today, we will provide another method of redeeming your card through the support ticket system. So please do not go back to the store for a refund, we’ll save you the trip!”


Modern Warfare 2 Petition

A petition, which asks Infinity Ward to put dedicated servers into their new title for the PC version of Modern Warfare 2, has received 162,000 signitures.  If you haven’t signed it already, click here.

Borderlands Goes Gold!

Borderlands was released on the 26th October America, and the 30th October in Europe for the PC (the console versions were released a few days ago).  If you haven’t picked this baby up, make sure you do so, I know I will, as it’s looking to be one of the big hitters of 2009.

Michael Jackson cat game for the iPhone

I think all I can really do is point you to this link.  That should explain it all.

That’s it then guys!  Look forward another news roundup next week!

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