OnRPG’s New Look

OnRPG’s New Look

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-In-Chief



Hello to all our faithful OnRPG readers and visitors! It’s been too long since OnRPG has been updated. After much pain staking discussion, planning, and testing, we have developed a vision of how to improve the website in various ways to improve your experience. Some of you may have noticed our initial tweaks to the homepage and forum restructuring. This was merely the beginning.



Today’s launch is geared toward making navigation simpler and doing it with a keen eye for aesthetics. We’ve had a disorganized categorization system and some features that could only be accessed through round-about ways (like the difficulty in reaching our screenshot gallery). We have expedited your ability to find games you are interested in by providing 8 categories easily accessed through our homepage!



Furthermore, we have condensed space by combining our news and MMO feature article feed into a single area. This will remain color coded so to not confuse the types of articles and open up additional space for us to feature more screenshots as well as our new video reviews and previews! That’s right, OnRPG is finally getting on the bandwagon and providing more unique video reviews from our own writers. The first of many to come can be seen right here, produced by our own Nic (Nilax) van’t Schip! We are also bringing on new faces to add to our writing team to provide the most diverse and informed articles straight to you on a daily basis. We’ll be featuring top stories on our homepage and letting you get to know our writers better by including their avatars along with their feature. We’re making an effort for our content to be more personal and informative.



Below is a look at our old site for memento’s sake. Be sure to let us know your feedback on the site changes at our newly redesigned forums! This is not the end but merely the second phase of a continuous evolution of the website. We will continue to improve the site to provide the content you want the way you want it. Your feedback is very valuable toward this goal.


OnRPG's New Look


Coming soon: The OnRPG Blog!




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