Operation 7 Interview: Not For the Kids

Operation 7 Interview: Not For the Kids
Questions by Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Writer
Answered by  Mgame USA Head GM- Sun Kim


Operation 7 is a free to play online FPS game that is aimed towards the hardcore adults. GooL mentions this game is not for the casual gamers because of the difficulty. There are many unique features in this game such as the ability to fully customize your weapon and the maps are all based on real world places!


Please ignore some small grammar mistakes in the answers. I have slightly changed a few words to make it a bit easier to read, but the meaning was not changed.


OnRPG: Hello, it’s Abubakr from OnRPG here. If you don’t mind I’d like to ask some questions about Operation 7. First of all, can you introduce yourself?
Hello, OnRPG readers! My name is Sun Kim A.K.A GooL, [Netgame PM/Manager], I have been working at Mgame USA for 3 years now. My position states PM/Manager, However, I am in charge of Managing the Translation Team, and the Game Master Team too. Nice to meet you all! 😀


OnRPG: What features make Operation 7 stand out from the rest of the free FPS games?
Operation7 provides huge variations for Gun customizing, therefore, users may customize and idealize their battle style by managing their guns with mods. All players have different styles while they play the game and our advanced customization will help all players to play how they want. Another, outstanding feature about Operation7 is many maps from Operation7 are based on real places all over the world, for examples, Alcatraz(US), Rockfellers Street(US), Shibuya(JP), Yong-San Station(KR), Kwang-An Bridge(KR). Have you ever gone somewhere and think, “Oh!.. That is a great sniping spot.” Or, “That would be a great camping spot!”  I bet all FPS players have thought that at least once. The final outstanding feature in Operation7 is that it is a realistic and fast paced game. Operation7’s slogan, “Aim First, Kills First” pretty much explains it.


OnRPG: What type of gamers does Operation 7 target? (Casual, Hardcore, Age Group, etc.)
Our target is Hardcore FPS Adult Gamers, Operation7 is very fast paced game so new comers for FPS will have some issues with the difficulties. We have many pro players in game.


OnRPG: Operation 7 has this unique feature which allows players to build their own weapons. How much control do players have when it comes to weapon building/customizing?
Players can set up everything of the guns same as real guns. 6 Parts can be customized and if you add ammunitions to it, then it sums up to 8 parts total customizable system. The 6 parts are the Body, Barrel, Barrel Cover, Sight, Butt Plate, and Magazine, plus to that, you may select an ammo for your gun and if your gun can shoot grenades you may customize the grenades too.



Rifle Customization Operation 7

A lot of options to customize your weapon.


OnRPG: As everyone knows, Operation 7 has many maps to choose between. Where do you get the ideas to design these maps?
I think I answered a little bit for this question already but I’ll go detail this time. When  we release new maps, we choose some places that are unique and the places that are symbolizing the country of where we are targeting, and those places must be the place that makes us think, “What if an army start combat here what will happen?” that’s how we choose what map to make. After that we go to that place and take some pictures so we can make as real as possible. If we can’t go then we collect as much data as possible for those places. These days, there are many players from Brazil so we are planning to make one map from Brazil and one map for Forest type according to our Website Poll result. For the Brazil map, we are thinking about “Rio De Janeiro” however, one thing is just bugging us. Is it appropriate to have combat at front of a Jesus Statue..? Hmm…


OnRPG: What do you do to try and keep Operation 7 hacker free?
Like most online FPS games, Operation7 also keeps on the lookout for hackers. Therefore, we are monitoring the game as long as possible and we are continuously updating our Security Program. Also, we are going to add a new technology that can identify the user, so after we ban any hackers, those hackers will not be able to connect to the game again. This system is very complicate so we are having long period of preparation for this system and we are almost there so please wait patientlyJ


OnRPG: Do the users who use Ncash to purchase weapons gain a huge advantage over free users? Would free users still be able to ‘own’ cashshop users?
We did not want balance breaking between Premium users and Non Premium users, therefore, there’s no significant advantage for Premium users right now. Most of the premium shop items are related to the appearance of the player’s character. In certain maps, some costumes provide players really huge advantage but there is no advantage on stat wise. However we are planning to release some high demand guns for Premium Shop users only, but we will make sure balance does not get screwed because of it. Our first concern is balance in game.



10 Combo Operation 7

Ten Kill Shot Combo!


OnRPG: Are there any new features/updates planned for Operation 7 that users should know about?
Many new guns and new maps are on the way, I’ve already mentioned about new maps before. New systems that can provide another fun in the game is on development, however I cannot really make it public yet. GM Team will make sure we let you guys know when everything is ready.


OnRPG: Players want to play a game that has an active GM team. How often do GM’s hold events for players?
When GM Team have time, GM Team is holding small events however there was no huge events yet. We were waiting for the clan system to be implemented and it is in now so we are going to have some events soon.


Talking about active GM Team, actually, GM Team is online 8 hours a day. However, we are not online with our GM ID so players will not see us that often. GM Team only logs in with known GM accounts when we are holding some events. All other time we are on with our undercover ID. Some GMs are in popular clans to play with players. Although, we cannot monitor every room 24/7 at same time so please understand that if you feel absence of GMs.


OnRPG: Are there any plans for a more ‘friendly’ version of Operation 7 which will allow gamers under the age of 18?
Operation7 has an option for under age of 18. No blood and etc. so currently, we do not have any plan for providing another client for underage. It is kind of opposite answer to the question but… we do want to make it more hardcore. Is that bad?



One Man Team Op7

Bloody Mess!


Onrpg: Is there anything else you would like to add?
Well, thank you OnRPG Team for having interest in Operation7, it was very pleasant time answering your question and all those questions made me think once more about how to make Operation7 better than now. I deeply thanks to OnRPG.


Only thing I want to add more is that I have a message for all users in Operation7!

We always feel sorry for everyone that we cannot stay in game enough and listen to all the brilliant ideas everyone got. When someone comes to us and tells us they have some issues, we really want to help you guys all out ASAP but unfortunately, there are too many things to do and it takes some times. At the same time we truly thank you all your patience. I want all players to know that all Netgame Staffs are trying their best to provide better experience in game and assist you to enjoy the game. According to our data from website poll, many of you want some “Dual Katana” and “Chainsaw” for the secondary weapon. We promise that we will get you some Dual Katana and Chainsaw! Feel free to slice your enemies in game! (PS: I personally wanted Chicken leg and Spork)


OnRPG:  Well, thank you for your time!
Thank you for all the questions.

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