Operation Gamma 41: Unreal European Combat

Operation Gamma 41: Unreal European Combat

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist.



Operation Gamma 41 is a brand new browser game where strategy is the key to success! This game is takes place in World War 2 in the year of 1941. After two years of bitter fighting several countries were drawn into war. The League of Nations, which had worked to uphold peace since the last devastating world war, had to watch how the Axis and Allies tore each other apart. In a last attempt to stop this madness, Richard P. Ward, head of the League, invited all the nation’s leaders to a final conference in Geneva. As you can guess, this went terribly wrong. The only thing they could hear through their radio was screaming and a hoarse whisper warning them: ‘Gamma is coming’. No one has heard from anyone in attendance of this fateful meeting. You take on the role of mayor of a town in Europe and prepare your forces for the impending battles to come.



Your City

When you create your mayor and city name you will have to choose between the two factions in the game. The axis and the allies, both these factions have goals in the game. The axis wants to take over the world and the allies are simply defending themselves to create freedom.


I chose to take the path of the allies because freedom is the key for a successful world. Immediately when you get into the game you start off with a bunch of quests that will help you learn the mechanics of the game. There are several important factors that will help you build up your city and help create your army. The main resource in project gamma is your citizens. You can assign these citizens to work for a different facility or they can join your army. Citizens are also needed to upgrade every facility in the game, and you can also ask the citizens that live in your city to pay higher taxes that will increase your income, this however decreases your security so you have to watch out for your neighbours.


To uphold your headquarters there are different facilities that you will have to level up. Among these facilities are a Steel mill, Lumber mill, Oil rig and a farm. These four facilities are going to provide you with resources. With these resources you can upgrade your facilities and several other options. You can assign per facility how much citizens have to work in there to obtain the desired amount of resources per hour. The amount of citizens depends on the level houses you currently own. These houses can be upgraded to extend their limits and get you more citizens. Upgrading your facility takes real time and can take quite a while in the end.


The World

You are not alone! This might come as a surprise for you but you have some neighbours. Some are friendly and some simply want you dead. Allies and Axis players are scattered in the map along with some Resources. You can find various resources such as a forest, wheat and an iron mine. There are also different NPC armies scattered in the map to help you practice battles. These armies have different levels so think twice before attacking one. There is also a Battleground map where you can do missions and fight large scale battles for greater rewards. The armies you come across in the battleground can differ greatly in level so I advise you to scout them instead of just attacking them like I did. I unfortunately lost a platoon that way and had to use my precious resources to remake my army.




As a member of the EU, some inconsistencies in this game got to me. The geography of this game is completely random and not at all related to actual European nations. There are some locations in the game that are based in Europe and are named after European places but are placed randomly around the world map.


Nitpicking aside, the support in this game is amazing, I am not sure if it is because I reviewed this game while in Open Beta, but I have seen GM’s asking and answering several question in the game chat. To play this game you need to have some patience because you have to wait quite a while for everything you create or upgrade in this game. However if you don’t want to wait and feel like spending money there is always the cash shop that will speed up your facilities. Nonetheless this game is a really fun strategy game with a unique World War 2 setting.

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