Outlaws of the Old West Announced by Snail’s New Publishing Label, ‘Wandering Wizard’

Outlaws of the Old West news

Outlaws of the Old West is an upcoming title from Snail Games’ new video game publishing label, Wandering Wizard. This branch is dedicated to bringing North American and European developed games to the market, and Outlaws of the West by Virtual Basement is the first of these. It is scheduled for a Steam Early Access release on March 12th, 2019.

Early Access will offer RP, PVE, and PVP servers, and a dedicated host system that allows for unofficial servers. Players will be able to group up and form a team or travel alone on a 12k x 12k open map. Deserts, swamps, plains, and mountainous tundra all await in the untamed west. Players will also decide the direction of the narrative on the servers and in the game. A morality system will let players build a reputation as a ruthless outlaw, or as a noble defender of the weak.  Between this, settlement customization, a player driven economy, crafting and harvesting, there’s a lot to be seen in the West.

“With Outlaws of the Old West our goal is to give gamers the ultimate Western experience,” said Tim Hesse, Executive Producer and Archmage Wandering Wizard. “We can’t wait to gather feedback directly from our players so we can deliver a game that’s truly catered to the community.”

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