Warhammer Online Interview


Since most of our readers are familiar with the basic premise of Warhammer Online, I would like to dive right into the community aspects of the game; specifically as to why you decided to do not only a video podcast but also have these little cell phone video updates usually showing a lighter side of the office.


REVIEW Onrpg released an interview with Zu Online creators, IGG. You can find it Here.

ONRPG Q&A: Zu Online


Zu Online is a 3D MMORPG which is based on Chinese traditional culture, specifically the cultivation inner peace and wisdom as well as Kung-fu training. In this game, players will play a role that comes to the game world under the direction of gods.

Onrpg: Everquest Q&A


EverQuest has always been a compelling experience for the players. Each time a player logs in, the game has evolved and that is what makes it worth coming back time and time again. There is also something to be said for players that have devoted serious time to the development and customization of their individual characters.

Guide to Nature Human

ARTICLE Acquirement is the foundations of armor equip and weapon usage. The equipment require the special acquirement (often called skill) to enable you equip them. E.g.: if you want to equip a shield, then you need to learn the Basic shield tech.

The nature human is born with Armor Capacitance tech.

Different of AoA

ARTICLE You have seen Transformers before, and you have seen Gundam as well. But have you ever become one of them? Or have you ever fought side by side with those legendary heroes? Well, there is little chance for you to go to Hollywood to join in the movie. But now, you have a very very good choice here.

Myth War Signature Contest Result announced and Weekend Event Preview

ARTICLE Launched on July7th and closed on August 7th, Myth War Signature Contest has drawn the attention of thousands of players and proved to be a fair success. During that one month the contest page has received more than 15,000 hits and views in total. Here you have the chance to see some great works

Guild Wars: Eye of the North Guided E3 Demo Video Now Available

ARTICLE At this year's E3, Guild Wars: Eye of the North was demonstrated for media exclusively, but was not available on the show floor. Now for the first time gamers will be able to see this exclusive E3 demo in its entirety through the Guild Wars: Eye of the North guided E3 demo video.