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Forsaken World Mobile Expansion Detailed

Forsaken World Mobile Expansion Detailed

Following up on their huge announcement earlier this month, Fedeen Games have released more information regarding the hotly anticipated expansion for Forsaken World Mobile. In addition to the Epic Dungeons and 3V3 Arena previously announced, Fedeen have included a ton of new Passive, Defensive Skills and Talents with which players can increasingly customize and power up their characters.

All five character classes will be able to access the new Talents and Skills from level 80. Talents determine how a player’s character will function within its class, and each Talent allows players to access a variety of Skills. By extending character development to level 80, Fedeen is ensuring plenty of options for players both veteran and new.

And where would a powerful character be without equally powerful equipment? Players with multiples of the same item can now forge them together to supercharge their gear. This new item improvement mechanic will grant players an increased amount of freedom in determining their own progression through Forsaken World Mobile.

Valiance Online Begins Crowdfunding Campaign

Valiance Online Begins Crowdfunding Campaign header

SilverHelm Studios has launched its own crowdfunding campaign for Valiance Online on the game’s new website at

Phase 1 of the campaign seeks funding to cover some of the game’s basic costs, such as server costs and paying staff to work fulltime, upgrades to the character creator, implementation of the first set of story missions, a livestream sneak peek at the Commander pet class, development of character attributes specifically for roleplaying purposes, and more!

For more detailed information, check out the Donations page which details rewards available for our supporters as well as our progress towards our later campaign phases.

Through volunteer work alone, the Valiance Online team has already greatly progressed in development including a playable environment, basic character creation and customization, combat system, several power sets, and a variety of missions. SilverHelm Studios is working towards being able to pay developers for their efforts on the game so the entire team can commit fulltime
to creating the city of San Cielo.

Development of the prealpha of Valiance Online continues with the goal of moving to alpha and making the game available on Steam.

Recent updates to the game include:

  • Optimizations to asset streaming and physics systems\
  • Improvements to mob (NPC) intelligence and their power sets
  • Revamp of the combat experience including new damage types, better enhancement
    calculation, more balanced spawns and damage, and more
  • Updates to what enhancements vendors have available
  • Power enhancements separated into respective classifications:
    ○ Red (Offensive)
    ○ Blue (Defensive)
    ○ Yellow (Utility)
    ○ Purple (Special)
  • Fixes to many of the power sets currently available and to the draw/holster animation
  • All missions are available and their waypoints properly aligned
  • Improved particle system
  • More buildings added, including:
    ○ San Cielo Police Department HQ
    ○ NameSake Media / NameSake Radio HQ
    ○ San Cielo Medical Center
    ○ Orion Laboratories
  • Updated water shader
  • Updated movement and combat animations
  • Updates to the character generator

Upcoming patches will overhaul and expand the character creation system and existing power sets.

Supernova Begins Final CBT Weekend

Supernova Begins Final CBT Weekend header

The final closed beta for the RTS-MOBA hybrid Supernova begins today.

This closed beta weekend will run from Friday February 19th, 2016 at 9:00 AM PST and run until 9:00 AM PST on Monday February 22nd, 2016.

During the weekend, every commander in Supernova will be available to play for testers. This weekend’s testers will also get a special reward, and previous testers will get a booster to give them an edge in the arenas.

For more info, visit Supernova’s website.

Game of Dice Mobile Review: Betting on the Heart of the Cards

by: Ojogo


Game Of Dice Review

Game of Dice is a monopoly-like dice game from Joycity for the Android and iOS. The game puts you in the shoes of players participating in the Genius League. A game where the stakes are high and victory seems to have sinister bonuses for the hapless champion.


As part of one of the many players (about 12 unlockable characters not including one-time special events) of the league, you will be participating in a 34-tile board battle against two opponents (for single player battles) or in 2v2 (for team battles) man battles. The board is setup like a squished lemniscate shaped Monopoly board with acquirable tiles based on the current events theming. The main tiles are composed of resorts while there are special tiles straight out of Monopoly like prison, income taxes, the bank/free parking, and of course the all-important Go space. Game of Dice brings in some originality though with shortcut 3 space lanes – the fortune and misery roads, offering unique boons/banes exactly as you’d imagine. Another minor nuance included is the gold/silver coin gamble square, where the player who landed on it secretly chooses a coin, and then gives/takes money from the others depending on if they guess right. Every time this square is landed on, the stakes get higher, resulting in some truly tense late game decisions.


Game Of Dice Review


The game focuses on your character’s dice dealing capabilities. With the game feeling just like a shortened and streamlined version of Monopoly mixed with Yu-Gi-Oh (and no it’s not Dungeon Dice!). The game’s objective, just like in Monopoly, is to be the last player standing. To do that you’d need to control land tiles or steal them from others while outplaying and manipulating your foes into ruin. Unlike Monopoly where you can spend cash to upgrade houses/hotels on zones of control, Game of Dice plays it out a bit differently. To increase the power of your properties, you must either pass Go, use cards, or land on a tile you already own, and then throw more of your outer game funds into the betting pool. This last option can get a bit out of hand, with gamble addicts throwing multiple billions into the pot on a single game.


Aside from the main battle mode, the game doesn’t offer much in terms of other game features. You will be circling around in actual dice making and character development. Socialization features include a global chat and a guild system offering the bare essentials.


Game Of Dice Review 08

You and Your Dice

Game of Dice’s character pool allows you to choose from a variety of players that have their own characteristics. Your main male character choice feels like GoD’s version of Yugi from Yu-gi-oh! As he continues on screaming lines within the familiar range of Yugi’s “I believe in the heart of the cards” bit. Other characters feel just like a carbon copy of pre-existing anime characters in any ongoing or recently concluded series. But unless you get your fun out of spamming their unique taunts in every match, the only part of each character that will matter to you is their stats. Stats get nuts as you advance up the ladder ranks, making you realize that beating a veteran player is going to take more than just dumb luck.

Game Of Dice Review

The characters you can unlock in GoD have their own set of stats that will prove integral on how you build your card deck up. Some of the characteristics include a decrease in payment for prison break, higher percentage output on vacation spots, or even a boost in yield from the gold/silver coin mini-game. You can then enhance their base stats as you level them up by paying up gold, a much more real currency than the stuff you wager during matches.

Game Of Dice Review

The other thing you’d have to consider is the creation of special dice that can bring specific boosts to your rolls. Some of the dice you can create can look really cool like the lava set, or it can be really tacky just like the PSY limited edition disco dice. Once you unlock a dice set, you can then improve their boost capabilities by collecting the fragments till you meet the quota. A truly powerful set of dice can give you a high chance of controlling your roll number within 2 standard deviations, helping guide you past game ending spaces with high certainty.


Game Of Dice Review

Decks Are a Thing

Aside from your character and dice sets. Game of Dice also features a skill card system that provides the necessary wrench to your opponent’s well-oiled plans. These skill cards can help increase toll collection and affect your opponent’s capabilities (like forcing him/her to use only one dice for a few turns or let’s you travel to random or specific areas within the board).

Game Of Dice Review

These cards, just like your characters and dice fragments come in various rarities and strengths. The higher rarity cards provide bigger bonuses compared to their lower rarity ones and will be an integral factor in how you set your cards up as you go along.


You’ll be given three starting cards as you hand. You need to then equip six more cards that the game will randomly give you at set turns within matches. This kind of setup allows a bit of randomness even though you are trying your best to eliminate that factor in every game. It’s honestly rare a game reaches the full turn limit, so choosing to take a card in your backup deck of six means you might be eliminated or win before that card ever sees the light of day.


Game Of Dice Review 07


Game of Dice is truly an enjoyable game, an obvious step above the fun factor Monopoly originally brought to the board game world. However, there’s one prevailing problem the game has: snowballing. Players can, if given the ideal situation, snowball from the start of the game and basically win it uncontested. This is the problem in a game where there’s chance involved and a bit more manipulation in the deck building. Snowballing really discourages new players when they are placed against higher leveled or more financially invested ones, making your introduction to the game a steady series of brutal losses. This is partially mitigated by the Joy leagues, until you realize you can exchange your Joy for gold and items and keep your overpowered account in the lowbie leagues to continually torment their poor souls.

Game Of Dice Review 14

Another problem is when the opposite happens. No matter how well you play and plan, one or two bad rolls can ruin your entire empire towards the end of the game. I’m not saying it’s impossible to win, it’s just a rollercoaster rush from start to finish whether you have the lead or are against the ropes. I’ve personally had an experience where I was down to about 100M Joy in the game with my opponent owning around 1B Joy. One bad roll and I was able to rob him of his 1B and when the turn timer ended at 0 I was the winner.

Game Of Dice Review

While comebacks are real awesome to see and experience. You need a different kind of tenacity to keep on playing and not lose hope in this game. But heck, you’re playing a game with dice involved so this shouldn’t even be something worth mentioning for the more experienced players. If you can’t stand the risk to gamble and lose, you’re not in the right game to begin with.


Game Of Dice Review

Conclusion: Great

Overall, my experience with Game of Dice is a truly engaging one. I got hooked the minute I won my first match, blinded by the concept of quadrupling my total account Joy funds in a single battle! Just like any gambler, I got cocky and pushed my luck to quickly lose it all to more experienced players. The game is fast, fun and it does bring back memories of me actually playing monopoly with my friends. As a mobile game it’s a bit time intensive, and hard to gauge as matches can be over in a matter of minutes, or stretch out to 20+ in really engaging bouts. But if you’re looking for a mobile game you can enjoy sitting on the coach with no interruptions at home, or just need to scratch your gambling itch without losing rela money, Game of Dice was made for you!


Devilian: Tempest Class Preview

By Jason Parker (Ragachak)


Devilian Tempest

Devilian, the fantastic Diablo-style action RPG published by Trion Worlds, is coming out with a new class today! The magical Evoker, the heavily armored Berserker, the elusive Shadowhunter, a petite and powerful Cannoneer, but now we have another Rogue-style class, the Tempest! The Tempest wields a large twin-sided glaive that she can split into two daggers to attack and dump out lots of ludicrous AOE dps. I got to play her a little bit before she goes live on the 18th, and I’m of mixed opinion on it. I love the class, though it is my first melee’ class in Devilian. Most of my gameplay was with the Evoker, hurling absolutely absurd amounts of magic at anything that happened to offend me, but I did learn that the Tempest has quite the bit of range, depending on how you want to spec them.

Devilian Tempest

One of the things I really like about the class, is when you use a Dagger ability, she splits the weapon up into two, and her melee abilities [Bloodletting] will use those. When you use a Glaive skill, you will wield that instead. It’s the little things. She also has a skill called “Form Change” that gives a brief buff when you swap between the two. When you use skills to change weapons, you do NOT get this buff. Switching to Dagger gives you +50% Attack Speed, +30% Move Speed for 5 seconds, and when you swap to the Glaive you gain +40% Defense. It also procs a shield that blocks up to 30% of your Maximum health for 5 seconds. Personally I prefer the Glaive form, and it does have a 10 second cooldown, so managing the swap efficiently will definitely be useful.

Devilian Tempest

They also come with another important skill that takes a considerable amount of practice, “Dark Slash.” On a 14 second cooldown and 14m range, it dashes you to a target, dealing damage to targets in the path. A lot of damage. If you manage to hit an enemy, you can do it again, up to three more times. I had such a hard time not overshooting to where there are no enemies, but it is definitely powerful. The Tempest has three talent trees also:

Slaughter (Common): These skills can use Glaive OR Dagger, whichever you happened to be using at the time. It also has an Attack/Magic Attack Buff, which is brief [5 seconds base], but it does affect all of your allies. Electric Shock is a spell ability that deals damage to all nearby enemies for 8 seconds. Most of the abilities in Slaughter are spell-like abilities, though Cyclone is one I use pretty often. It’s a spinning attack that has a chance to increase attack for five seconds.

Lancer (Glaive): This is my preferred talent tree. Piercing Storm is a ranged rapid-attack with the glaive, and you can hold it down and change your direction. It burns energy the longer you hold it, but the damage is definitely worth it. Uppercut is also powerful, hurling Spirit Swords at your enemies. The strongest skill seems to be Piercing Charge, especially for PVP. It comes with a silence, you charge in, and damage goes up in accordance to how long you held it down.

Interceptor (Daggers): Ricochet Blade is probably one of my favorite abilities here, and even as a Glaive Major I tend to put a few points into this. You throw a dagger and it bounces from target to target. That and Warp Slash, which also obviously teleports you to a target [but does 33% less damage to PVP targets].

Devilian Tempest

Of course you’re not playing Devilian if you ignore the devil form. Like all other characters, they turn into a cool, evil powerful demon! This gives her a brand new move set, but I won’t lie, I don’t really care for it as much. The new kit is as follows:

Shadow Veil: Darkness Barrier that damages everything caught in it.

Possession: Consumes 15% of your current health, removing all Debuffs and making you immune to them for 2 secs. Increased Move Speed, then you get the health back.

Deadly Upper: Damage/Stun for 2 secs. Would be a great PVP skill.

Personal Invitation: Slows targets for 3 secs. Again, PVP or kiting mobs? Great.

Brutal Strike: This is the real winner ability. It deals damage and, on the third strike, deals 50% Devilian Power from your target.

Devilian Tempest

Devil form has some pretty nifty combos, but as a whole, I like the raw damage in the standard form more. I really enjoy the ability to deal melee damage from a distance, dashing through enemy units and obliterating them, kiting them and dealing lots of explosive and thunder damage. The Tempest is a whirling dervish of asskicking potency, but wow, do they wear practically nothing! I mean, it’s not that much of a surprise coming from a branch of the team behind TERA, but I was kind of alarmed or possibly intrigued, to see my death-dealer wearing hot pants. In addition to this, in the upcoming patch it is also pertinent to note that the level cap goes up to 54, there are two new Archdevil Dungeons, and level 54 gear sets. The Tempest is for those people that want to suddenly burst out of nowhere and obliterate everything with sick weapons and very flashy skills.

Age of Wulin Chapter 8: Uncharted World Will Arrive in March

Age of Wulin Chapter 8 Uncharted World Will Arrive in March header


WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, announces that the martial arts MMORPG Age of Wulin will release a new expansion “Chapter 8: Uncharted World” on 8th March, 2016.


Age of Wulin is a free-to-play sandbox game with over 400 skills to learn in a competitive and strategic open PvP system. Among the features of Chapter 8: Uncharted World, 8 new regions, a new game mode, 6 secret areas, a housing system and much more will be revealed.


Chapter 8: Uncharted World will allow players to explore a new world and live the adventure. With this expansion, Age of Wulin’s game world is more than doubled in size through the addition of 8 new regions. The new regions will expand the variety and beauty of Age of Wulin as they introduce sun-scorched deserts, stunning and vast grasslands, breath-taking snowy peaks and mysterious forests of stone, hosting a completely new game mode and revolutionising the gaming experience.


With the new game mode, players will be able to manage a character’s constitution, hunger, thirst, body temperature and much more in order to help them challenge themselves in uncharted territories. The Uncharted World will offer players new resources, six new secret areas and new fighting techniques such as traps & a flags system. Prevailing in the fight for survival will reward only the fittest in the Uncharted World, as victorious players will be able to loot all the riches from their defeated opponents.


A complete and elaborate housing system has made its way into Age of Wulin. Players can choose the style and the size of their houses to fit their own personalities and needs. More than 100 different pieces of furniture will allow them and their friends to receive powerful buffs, and to prepare for their new adventures.

Musician Scooter Jennings To Reveal New Album in Shroud of the Avatar

Musician Scooter Jennings To Reveal New Album in Shroud of the Avatar header

It’s not often a well-known singer/songwriter takes to the world of computer games to debut his latest album, but Shooter Jennings will be doing exactly that on Monday, February 22 when he raises the curtain on his latest album, Countach. The album will be unveiled inside the virtual world of Shroud of the Avatar from legendary game designer, Richard Garriott (aka Lord British) and Austin game developer, Portalarium®. Jennings is the son of country music icons Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, and has made his name in the outlaw country music and Southern rock genres. He is also an avid gamer.

Jennings’ childhood includes many hours of playing Richard Garriott’s Ultima games and Ultima Online. “As I got older I played every single Ultima game that was released,” reminisced Jennings. “I even poisoned the bread in Ultima IX. Then Ultima Online took me and my friends to another world, allowing us to live a real alternate life. What a brilliant development!”

Jennings is also one of Shroud of the Avatar’s early backers. “I immediately found the Kickstarter and made my pledge. I had played some of the other MMOs and while fun, they never captured the sense of adventure that the Ultima series did, online or offline. I was so excited to see this come out that I just could not wait.”

When the opportunity arose to have Richard on his new album and to hold the premiere inside the game, Jennings said it was a dream come true. “I realize that we are all the most responsible for what we have learned from life, and for giving it back to the rest of the world. Much as Richard and Starr (Starr Long, Shroud of the Avatar’s executive producer) have done the same by creating the worlds they have, they gave it back to me. And then through my love of their art, I am trying to give back to them, and give to future generations of the lore of new Britannia and the innovations of its creators.”

Countach is an album comprised of songs composed or inspired by Academy Award and Grammy Award winning producer Giorgio Moroder, whose credits include multiple disco hits in the 70s and 80s, in addition to songs from theatrical releases Top Gun, Midnight Express and Flashdance. Guest appearances on the album include Marilyn Manson, Brandi Carlile, Steve Young and Richard Garriott.

“It is truly a thrill to be a part of Shooter’s album,” said Richard Garriott. “And we are honored that Shroud of the Avatar gets to showcase this opening event. And our community has played a huge role in putting all the details together. In fact it’s 100% managed by our fans, illustrating the amazing power, collaboration and cooperation of our online community.”

The release party takes place in Shroud of the Avatar beginning at 7 pm CT (GMT -06:00) on February 22. Party goers will assemble at the Bear Tavern in the player town of Beran’s Reach on the western coast of Spindrift Bay. Several special quests have been planned for participants. Also Jennings will be giving away physical copies of the album and will be giving away tracks from the album on in-game wax cylinders that can be played back on phonographs inside the game.

If you are not already a backer (required for entry to the event) you can become a member of the Shroud of the Avatar community by backing the game via Steam Early Access or the Shroud of the Avatar website.

League of Legends Confirms (Not) Ao Shin

League of Legends Confirms (Not) Ao Shin

In a developer post today, Riot Games confirms that its long-awaited dragon champion, Ao Shin, will be coming to League of Legends – sort of.

Ao Shin has been anticipated since 2013, but the community’s been met with silence. Now, Riot is confirming that it will not be releasing Ao Shin as he has been known, but will release a dragon champion in the first half of 2016 known as Aurelion Sol (name not final).

Ao Shin had been shelved for a while due to the entire concept being a development roadblock due to his initial kit, movement issues, and thematic roots. In short, Ao Shin just never “fit” into League of Legends.

The new champion will aim to deliver that epic dragon champion experience, and Riot promises more news soon.

Camelot Unchained Reveals Cube Map Lighting

After a relatively quiet and snowed in period, CityState Games has burst free of snow blanketed West Virginia to not only reveal that Camelot Unchained will be on display at Magfest, but to showcase some revolutionary lighting techniques that have been in development for quite some time!

By utilizing cube map light probes, Camelot Unchained will essentially be able to quickly dynamically render real-to-life lighting effects by recreating the process of light not only striking and illuminating its first contact point, but then reflecting that light into other objects surrounding it. This is a complex process not easy to explain in words, but more than apparent when shown in action as seen below:

As you can see, the light striking the snow is then reflected into a beautiful mirror portrait of said snow on the metallic armor of the player character. This is being done on a 360 degree scale to all objects in the player’s vision, leading to more realistic lighting in areas that would typically be buried in shadow. For more examples of this technology in action, be sure to check out lead programmer Andrew’s blog on imgur.