Action starts on March 6th


Action starts on March 6th

Have you enjoyed the fight against your enemies? Soon you’ll have new ways to beat them all…

As of March 6th Infinity Online will launch its new item shop! Get your favorite Aterion warrior, choose between pure strength and agility, destructive axes and swords or ranged spears!

GameTribe has prepared wide offer of skills, characters, weapons for you and the list will be always updated with new releases to provide you the best entertainment!

It’s time for action!!! Infinity is waiting for you…

Shadow of Legend Set to Release on March 5th!

NEWS If I were a criminal, I would PK everything that moves… especially the newbies, because it is FUN.

Situation sound familiar? Well, not to worry. If you were a newbie and kept getting PK’d, and was just about to quit, your prayers have been sent down from the Heavens… err Focus Groups.

Update March 5th: Special pet birth

NEWS Have you enjoyed your adventures with your best friends the Pets? Would you like to have a new fellow

The First GMT 00:00 Server for TQ Games

NEWS Last week we posted the announcement that Server London of Eudemons Online was transferred and relocated in Great Britain under GMT 00:00. This decision mainly re

Angels Online: Events for Beginners

NEWS Since more and more players are joining Angels Online ( everyday, the Angels Online team from IGG ( will be holding two special events to help beginning players.

Event 1: Angel Tutoring in the Lyceum

Beginning players can often feel overwhelmed by all the

Softly kill me in Elf Online

NEWS Softly kill me in Elf Online

General speaking, ATB online game enjoys more popularity from female players who are averse from fighting and bloodshed. Meanwhile, it gains players more time and space to develop affection in team work. If you are now hunting for a game of this kind, please look no

Riding on the Phoenix

NEWS [Shanghai, March 1, 2008] Are you tired of walking everywhere? As a Kung Fu hero, don’t you need a cool mount to aid you in your journey? There are already horses, sedan chairs and even a tiger you can ride… But why ride when you can FLY?

A brand new flying mount, called a “Linglong” is now

When happiness and gifts go together, what’s the next?

NEWS When happiness and gifts go together, what's the next?

New week is coming, Elf Online ( have prepared something new for you this week. On Tuesday night from EST 7:00 pm to EST 10:00 pm Elf Online ( ) Happy Carnival for this week is waiting for you.
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