DC Universe Cat Woman Inspired Update Announced


After Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry *shudder* and the recently announced Anne Hathaway, a new version of Gotham’s favourite cat burglar is coming, and she’s bringing Egyptian gods goodies with her!

In the first of Sony Online Entertainments promised monthly content ‘Issues’, DC’s ’ Feline Fatale’  is taking centre stage.  Catwoman brings with her cursed Egyptian artefacts and monsters. See kids? Robbing museums is bad!

Farmerama: The Snow Is Melting – Time to Plant Those New Crops!


Game publisher and developer Bigpoint has announced that since winter is soon to be ending, there will be new crops for the high-level players of their free-to-play simulation game, Farmerama. Get ready to expand your farm with several new crops and make some good money from the harvest!

Conquer Online Hits the Mac!


TQ Digital has recently confirmed the development of a Mac version for their Kung Fu MMORPG, Conquer Online. The game is one the 1st Chinese free to play 2.5D MMOs that has a standalone client for the Mac, which is released both in domestic & overseas markets!

Faxion Closed Beta Released – Hell Freezes Over


Did you know today is officially "Hell Freezes Over" day? You do now and UTV True Games, an international publisher of multi-player online games, announced today that on this, the Holiest of Hell days, it has launched the closed beta test for its upcoming combat driven MMORPG, Faxion Online.

BATTERY introduces Clan Battle Mode Update with massive prizes


WEBZEN introduced Clan Battle Mode (clan vs clan) for its FPS game, BATTERY Online, in South Korea.

The Clan Battle Mode can only be played in the 'Explosion Mode' between clan units. Anyone in a clan can enjoy the Clan Battle Mode from 4vs4 to 8vs8.

NCsoft and ArenaNet announce the Guild Wars 2 Guardian Profession


NCsoft and ArenaNet announces its Guardian profession today. The Guardian calls upon powerful virtues to smite enemies and protect allies. The Guardian is the definitive support fighter, both offensively and defensively. With a mastery of combat weaponry at his disposal and virtues such as Justice, Courage and Resolve to employ, the Guardian is both a worthy adversary and instrumental ally. The Guardian can also bring his own special skills to aid in the support of his allies and the defeat of his enemies.

Age of Empires Doesn’t Try to Nickel and Dime its Players, or Does it?


A common issue in the F2P games industry is the perception, perceived or real, that one can simply 'buy power'. As seasoned F2P players the OnRPG readers will know that games that give people with larger wallets a big advantage eventually always lose out to games in which free players can stand toe to toe with paying players.

Faxion States that Traditional Character Classes Can Go to Hell!


UTV True Games revealed details today about its unique character class and multi-classing systems for the highly anticipated MMORPG, Faxion Online.  Scheduled to go into closed beta later this month, Faxion Online promises to take players through the gates of heaven and hell as the divine struggle between good and evil wages on.

New Details About the Steampunk World of ARGO Online


burda:ic today unveiled brand-new details about upcoming Steampunk Fantasy MMORPG ARGO Online, with the game's developers offering a glimpse into some of the finer points of this post-apocalyptic battlefield.

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