Forthcoming Runes of Magic Update Unlocks the Mighty Guardians of Kawak’s Tomb


Frogster today announced that a new region, the Limo Desert, will be accessible to players with the release of Patch 3.0.6 of the online role-playing game, Runes of Magic. Brave adventurers will be able to test their resolve against five powerful guardians in 'Kawak's Tomb' - the fiercely guarded resting place of the celebrated hero, Kawak Grollfang.

Exclusive Aion 2.1 Patch Notes with Increased Rewards!


NCsoft is delivering its biggest in-game environment change to-date with Aion 2.1, hitting PTS today, November 11, and then the live servers November 17. Aion 2.1 brings players significantly increased drop rates along with a consistent in-game event schedules (Dredgion and Fortress Siege times) ensuring more meaningful and rewarding play experiences.

Champions Online announces Archetypes


Champions Online, which is currently in testing for a move to a freemium subscription/f2p hybrid model like Lord of The Rings Online and DDO, has announced the free to play archetypes that all new players will be restricted to.

Breaking News: APB rights bought!

NEWS is reporting that K2 Network, the company behind free-to-play service GamersFirst, has bought the APB intellectual property from defunct studio Realtime Worlds for somewhere in the region of £1.5million.

Chevron Seven Will Not Lock for Stargate Worlds


MMO development is fraught with twists and turns. A strong intellectual property can suddenly just be canned because it doesn't suit the investors. A well hyped and well documented game can flop because it just wasn't as good as it was sold. One game that has had more than its fair share of ups and downs is of course Stargate Worlds.

Calling all Allods Players!


OnRPG recently had a chance to sit down with Vincent Douvier (Executive Producer at Gala Networks Europe Ltd) about Allods Online and all the fun and exciting things coming up for players. The interview shall be available soon but in the meantime we have carried back a message from the crew of Allods.

Cataclysm Paid Faction and Race Changes Available at Launch


Many people have been asking the ever important question of when they'll be able to convert their existing characters into Goblins or Worgen after Cataclysm hits shelves on December 7th. It was previously believed that there would be a month or two delay to prohibit players gaining the race first achievements, but that isn't the case afterall!

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