Zu online: Game Strategy

NEWS The Zu Online team is happy to bring this strategy guide. Today they are going to talk a little bit about teamwork, the classes and the clans.

Overall Introduction:

A team spirit plays a significant role in the Zu world, especially when you need to kill certain monsters to level up. Plus some

New BattleCity for the New Year

NEWS BattleCity is a free action and strategy online multiplayer game. Players build, defend and attack cities in an endless quest for control and dominance. Download BattleCity to join the battle now! Visit http://battlecity.looble.com

If you haven't played BattleCity this year you'll need to

Voyage Century Online: Hanging Gardens and Borohudur Temple


Voyage Century Online (http://vc.igg.com ) wants players to explore 2 more historical buildings. With the following instructions, players can get more joy from this adventure without the usual confusion. Finding these buildings will also help level them up.

The Hanging Gardens --- Bateer's

The Most Welcomed Career in Elf Online

NEWS There is a general assumption that Rover in Elf Online (http://elf.happymmo.com/) is welcomed and favored as the Land Rover, a well known automobile brand in the reality. It’s not false.

From the perspective of self property, smart agility, excellent accuracy and high attack are the

Ryee & Fury Will Be Merged On Feb. 18


Attention: All players on the Ryee server, and all accounts contained within will be moved to the Fury server on Feb. 18th, 2008.

The Fury server will be awarded with 7 days' double experience after merge from Feb. 18th to Feb. 25th.

If you have an account on the Fury server or the Ryee

[Asda Story]- Be my Valentine! Soulmates Special in Asda Story!

NEWS Asda Story represents Special Soulmate Parades.

1:1 Ultimate Party System where a male and a female partners have special mission to do in Asda Story. There will be many female users and male users all over the maps having their own unique quests. Special Soulmates will have special game skills which will help each other in

Hey! Will You Be My Valentine?

NEWS Valentine's Day is coming!
It's time to overcome your shyness and tell your admiration and love to the one you adore!

Angels Online: Robot System

NEWS Since the Angels Online Robot System was first announced, it has become a special feature attracting many players. Today the Angels Online team from IGG is going to tell you a little bit more about the Robot System.

Many genius scientists live in Iron Castle where the most developed science and

Angels Online: Item Mall Grand Opening

NEWS It has been two months since the Open Beta Testing of Angels Online (ao.igg.com) and the in-game Item Mall has also been in trial run for more than a month.

Today the AO team is happy to announce that he item prices of Item Mall have been slightly adjusted to stabilize the in-game economy.
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