Myth War: Item Mall XÂ’mas New Arrivals

NEWS Christmas Day is fast approaching, so the Myth War ( team will be holding a series of activities in the item mall, as well as in the forum.

Item Mall Activity

Myth War has prepared some new items for Christmas, including the Evil Egg and Evil Egg Flask. Besides, a new

Tales of Pirates: Black Dragon Events

NEWS Tales of Pirates ( will be holding a lot of activities with the Black Dragon motif to celebrate the Christmas Season. The Black Dragon has been awakened and the Pirate world will face an unprecedented catastrophe from it. Some warriors have gathered together to challenge the

Zu Online: Zin Palace Preview

NEWS Zu Online ( is a new MMORPG from IGG ( Today we are going to give players a little preview of the beautiful and mystical Zin Palace.

Zin Palace is a polished gem of the South Sea. The palace was built by Jingje, and innumerable rare treasures and mysterious books

Elf Online NPC Show Off

NEWS ELF Online has released a series of latest NPC pictures to the public recently; all of them present the humorous and cute style of this game before the players.

ELF Online is a kind of 2D Online game which exploited by Happy MMO only. It adopts the popular internet culture of “spoof” as its main

[Gamedesign Journal] Sigils


Feature article: Sigils

by El "Selachii" Drijver

A well known fact about Spellborn is the non-stat armor and weapons. To make sure players can still customize, tweak and tune their fighting characteristics whichever way they like, we have a wide variety of Sigils. These can be collected from different sources in game like quests and loot.

Voyage Century: New Expansion Preview

NEWS The new Voyage Century ( expansion will be released in mid-December, and it has been officially named “Doom Treasure”. It was initially called “Hurricane Islands” because of the newly-added instance – Storm Island. However, considering the dangerous and exciting elements and more

DOMO Open Beta Starts!

NEWS California, U.S.A. (November 30, 2007) – Aeria Games announces the Open Beta for DOMO to start on Friday, November 30th, 2007.

DOMO is a social massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) themed around the ancient Oriental myth of the Kunlun Mirror. Players enter an anime-inspired

Angels Online: Advanced Sets Preview

NEWS The Angels Online ( team will be displaying some advanced sets today.

Each advanced set usually contains 3-5 pieces of equipment. These advanced sets can greatly increase players’ stats, especially when players wear the complete set. So far, these advanced sets are the most

RAN Online Wallpaper Design Competition

NEWS Hooray, It’s year end holiday! RAN Online is having more events for players and would like to invite all to join the” RAN Online Wallpaper Design Competition ”. Use your imagination to create your very own exclusive RAN Online wallpaper!

Event Date:

From 28th November 2007 until 19th December

Tales of Pirates: Auction System

NEWS Following the successful “Reputation for Bonus” Program and Promoter System, a brand-new offline system – The Auction System will soon be officially released in Tales of Pirates (

After its release, some top equipment that is impossible or hard to get in game will be available

Voyage Century: Update Suggestions for New Version

NEWS Voyage Century ( is highly regarded by many players for its stunning graphics and overall quality of gameplay, but this game is a little difficult for beginners to get started. So here are some suggestions for those beginners.

1. After creating your characters, players usually
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