NEWS SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Sept. 13, 2007 – Lead foot and trigger happy gamers can now access all of the frenzied and explosive excitement of Gala-Net’s high-octane free-to-play online multiplayer game Upshift StrikeRacer as the service goes live today.  To sign up for and download Upshift StrikeRacer for free, head to the game’s official Web site at

Zu Online Boss Introduction

NEWS IGG announce the feature of evil boss in Far-East Martial Arts MMORPG – ZU Online (

Shadow Taoist
We begin with this foul creature, as implied by the name, appears shadow-like, drifting from place to place, menacing and ruthless. When fighting against him, players will be deceived by

Player Guide Legion

NEWS Legion
About the Legions
1 Legions Rank
The higher the legions’ rank is, the larger its warehouse and the more members its can have. At the same time, the higher the legions’ rank is, the more it has to pay to the NPC as management fee.
2 Legions Warehouse
Normal members can only put items

-The Sky of the History

NEWS The Sky of the History
(Episode one)
We all experienced the 1st and 2nd Age of Armor Close Beta Test. What kind of things impressed us most? Which battle is still a nightmare whirling in the minds? Now it’s the time to write something down, those wars should not be forgotten, only those who

GodsWar Revealing——Interaction System

NEWS * The content of introductions listed below is all from the current Alpha testing version of GodsWar Online ( Please check the final edition for exact information.

Compared with other games, MMOs take advantage of their interactive capabilities available through the internet.

Voyage Century Version Changing Chronicles

NEWS Since the birth of the Voyage Century (, the first 3D nautical MMOPRG always brings surprise and novelty to its fans. Let us have a brief glance over the present edition and the coming edition in the North American market.

Way to the East
The first Voyage Century edition landed

Zu Online Guild System Introduction

NEWS Here, IGG has released an overview of its guild system in Zu Online (

A “guild” refers to a spontaneous organization made up of players in Zu they communicate with other fellows, and do contribution to consolidate their own guild, thus laying foundation for future

Voyage Century: Item Mall Promotion Continued

NEWS The “Back to School Sale” has won many Players’ applause. Many of them tell us that they have had a very good opportunity to grab the items they have been eyeing and suggested that we extend the sale. Therefore, the Voyage Century ( officials have decided to extend the sale another

Zu Online: Talent System Feature

NEWS This is a brief introduction of Talent System in Zu Online ( released.

When player reach LVL 30, you will get ten points of talent and get one point every three years. The points can be distributed on the following four abilities:

Trinket: Influence your little trinket

Tales of Pirates: Patch Notes

NEWS IGG ( has announced a new client patch of Tales of Pirates Online ( Let's take a quick look changing of this update version patch. In this updating, some new features have been added as below:

1. New Sever

The eleventh sever named Red Sea is opened in the

Myth War: Chinese ValentineÂ’s Day Activity Winners Announced

NEWS The two-week Chinese Valentine’s Day Activity has successfully come to an end. In this activity, we have received a variety of lovely messages from players throughout the world. Our forum has been filled with warm thoughts of love and well wishes.

After careful discussion and evaluation, the
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