Voyage Century: Player-Oriented Design

NEWS Automation may not be good for the economy, or all those factory jobs lost to robots, but it sure can make life simpler in game. As you probably know, the auto-track function in Colony Age ( has brought players some much needed convenience. However it’s just the tip of the

Angels Online: New version Preview-The Lost Atlantis

NEWS The Angels Online ( team is very happy to announce that the latest edition “The Lost Atlantis” is in process and will be available for players soon. Today, the AO team has been kind enough to give us a brief introduction to the new edition.

In the coming new edition, the highest

Tales of Pirates: Gold Coins Lottery

NEWS In order to celebrate the coming of the Beijing Olympic Games and to thank their players for their continued support, the Tales of Pirates ( team will be holding a Gold Coins Lottery event to offer all players the chance to win a valuable Golden Olympic Coin.

During the Beijing

Lands of Hope Adds Stargazer

NEWS The Forlorn Games team is pleased to announce that a new playable class the "Stargazer" will be added on Monday 11th August 2008, this new class can only be access by players who reach level 1000 and unlock its power!

The Stargazer and its later evolutions of Stardreamer, Starchaser and Star

Zu Online: Five Typical Features Review

NEWS IGG has just revealed the most outstanding features, that cannot fail to impress players deeply, of their published 3D MMORPG Zu Online (

There are many reasons why players like or dislike a game. For example, the 3D MMORPG Zu Online; which is based on immortal beings, has many

The Legacy of Holy Castle New Server Opens!

NEWS You do not wanna be lost at the beginning? You feel regret for missing this ever-best browser game at first? You are expecting a new fair chance that you can start with other players at a same level? Now the chance comes! We are glad to announce that New Server Taurus of The Legacy of Holy Castle is

Pardus News

NEWS The first of the Pardus summer updates is released: NPC crew members and the Gap Cluster.

Myth War II: Guild Quests Preview

NEWS Today the Myth War ( team is going to give their players a sneak preview of six brand new captivating and essential guild quests.

1. Devil Slain Quest

Hateful Devils always look to make trouble for the guilds, and the Manager has ordered you to teach them a lesson. You

The Continuum at Gen Con

NEWS The whole development team will be at Gen Con 2008 in Indianapolis from August 14-17. A new expansion, all new abilities, new features and tons of events will go on during the Best Four Days in gaming. If you can't make the show, join the team online to chat with showgoers, play in tourneys and

Wonderland Online: European Server Coming Soon

NEWS IGG ( has announced that they will be starting the open beta for the Wonderland Online ( European Server.

Since its debut, Wonderland Online has earned the support of its players by consistently offering great service, events, and a real sense of community.
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