Voyage Century VS Pirates of the Caribbean

NEWS Pirates of the Caribbean, the dramatic and aesthetic masterpiece from Gore Verbinski, which has hit all over the world like maelstrom, so do the pirates in Voyage Century ( They engaged in it and talked excitedly about it. Have you ever dreamed to become a pirate of the

Tales of Pirates: $0.01 Point Cards

NEWS IGG are pleased to reveal a special promotional event in advance here about 99-points Point Cards in Tales of Pirates ( Item Mall. The original unit price of 99-points Point Card is $ 5.8, but it will be only $ 0.01 during the period of promotional event. Only 20,000 99-points

Tales of Pirates: Summer Holiday Sweepstakes

NEWS As summer holiday is coming now, IGG is going to hold a new leveling up event in all servers in Tales of Pirates ( It is a little different from the events we hold before this time. Please find the details about this event as below:

Note: Only characters created after 16:00

Zu Online- First Video

NEWS Zu Online ( is an elaborately and well-designed 3D MMORPG with a rich culture of immortals and knight-errants. It is a story about the immortals mokery and battles against the evil. Check it out in the first video trailer released by the official. Here is the URL for the video:

Release of DOFUS Episode 7: Jelly Powers

NEWS Hello,

The 4 million players MMORPG DOFUS will soon be releasing Episode 7 on server Shika: Jelly Powers!

This extension will contain:

- Two new areas: Sufokia, the legendary submarine city and the mysterious peninsula of Jellies.

- A new dungeon: the Gelax Dimension

- News monsters

Myth War: Official Guide Page Launch and Newest Game Client Available

NEWS Myth War Online official team has recently released the official guide page ( At the same time, the previous homepage URL has been updated with

The guide page is offering the link for downloading the newest game client version

Class Features of Zu Online( Description plus Artwork)

NEWS SunWarrior

Sun Warrior, with their strong wills and iron bodies, is one of the strongest clans in the secondary world. If you engage in a fight against them, you’d better keep the distance for no one escapes from the fight unharmed.

Voyage Century: Black Dragon Series

NEWS The highest level of equipment Black Dragon Series in Voyage Century( first debut to all. The Black Dragon Series include Black Dragon Armor, Black Dragon Helmet, Black Dragon Sacred Sword, Black Dragon Battle Axe, Black Dragon Gun and Black Dragon Falchion.

Tales of Pirates: The Eighth Sever Up

NEWS More and more players have joined Tales of Pirates ( since its beta test, it also stimulates us to make further development of the game. Here, IGG are pleased to announce that launch the eighth server named Phoenix Isle on June 27th in order to meet the need of

First Look of Preview of Zu Online

NEWS June 20th 2007, preview site of the fourth MMORPG of IGG – Zu Online ( comes in front of the global audience. With the first look of its preview site, Zu Online, a fantasy online MMORPG adapted form the classical Chinese fantasy novel Tales of the Zu, has unveiled its mask.
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