Voyage Century Online: Refining Changing System Will Launch

NEWS Voyage Century Online team ( ) plan to launch the Refining Changing System on Jan.20th, 2008.This system is not only entertaining but also practical for players.

Due to shortcomings found in the original change system we decided to boost the change system after we got upgraded.

Angels Online: Totem Skirmish

NEWS Today the team of Angels Online ( over at IGG would like to announce that the long-awaited Totem Skirmish will be released on Jan.10th. During the first month of Open Beta Test, the players in Angels Online have been working hard to increase their characters strengths strong enough, and

Tales of Pirates: New Expansion Preview

NEWS The Tales of Pirates ( team will bring more surprises to their players in the New Year, so here is a little preview of what new elements are to come in the game.



Myth War: Gifts For Pet Fights

NEWS Pet system is very important in Myth War Online ( .Players who win the pet fights will be rewarded with 100 integrals and an Evil Egg.

Each pet has different skills and different advantages that they use to assist you. Even underappreciated pets like the Bloodpede and Anteater

Voyage Century: Big Reward For Card Contest

NEWS Voyage Century Online ( ) will prepare big reward for all players in the coming contest. The Christmas Card Contest held by Voyage Century has already ended, and since many players think this kind of contest is meaningful and interesting, we have decided to hold a second Festival

The Latest Information on Zu Online

NEWS The open beta test of Zu Online has lasted over 20 days. Since the open beta test was released, the Zu team has been working diligently to collect bugs and suggestions, with a patch being released next week to solve some of the problems found in Zu Online.

Besides, a new region named Little Sky

Build the Best Character

NEWS Build the Best Character

As players progressing deeper and deeper into the Elf Online, they will ask the question: how do I built my character? What is the best statistic solution?

Now, let’s have a quick view over how do advanced players build their characters of different career



NEWS Award-Winning Online Game Now Features Industry-Leading Graphics

WESTWOOD, MA – January 7, 2008 – Turbine, Inc. announced today that The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ has become the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to support the Microsoft DirectX® 10 API and NVIDIA GeForce graphics processors for stunningly realistic imagery.  The Lor

Living Items are coming on the MMORPG DOFUS

NEWS Players of the MMORPG DOFUS can now enjoy a new extraordinary type of magic items: the Livitinems

Livitinems are living items like hats or rings for example. They have numerous characteristics: they can evolve by eating some items of the same type, and change their appearance with more than

Elf Online GM Purchasing

NEWS Elf Online GM Purchasing

A hard struggle against the darkness king is looming ahead. Fairy Beauty asked our GM for help to purchase items and equipments in short to supply all corps in the dream land.

Everyday at random time, our GM will take a large sum of fund to the free market and purchase

Zu Online: Challenge Calamity – Thunder calamity Introduction

NEWS Today the folks over at IGG brief us on the Thunder calamity in Zu Online (

Once a player’s level has reached 60 they will be confronted by a very important choice; to carry on with their training or to accept the first calamity – the Thunder Calamity. If they accept the
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