Parkasaurus Chomps into Early Access Tomorrow


Get ready, dino fans! Parkasaurus officially hits Steam’s Early Access system tomorrow (September 25th), for 19.99. Players will be able to plan, design and construct the dino park of their dreams, to maximize the happiness of both the dinosaur, while also getting guests to spend money! You start with a dollar, a dream, and an abandoned park but through technology, creativity and time, players will discover new technology, create new attractions, and form a bond with their dinos. Washbear Studio also invites players to join their Discord to view the development roadmap as well as submit ideas/feedback to the team.

“The real Parkasaurus journey begins,” said Chris McQuinn, Dino Friend at Washbear Studio.
“Starting today players will be able to join in the development process by providing feedback
and direction for the future of the game. Together we can create systems and awesome content
to add additional layers of complexity to the dino tycoon simulation genre.”

Parkasaurus Features:

– Designable exhibits for your Dinos with multiple layers of complexity
– Park management with over 80 buildable items and 4 employee types
– Nurturing and raising Dinos from eggs to full adults, with the base game including 24
Dinos to discover (more added regularly)
– Unique privacy and biome systems that promote creative design
– A dynamic review system where each guest leaves a starred review based on their
– Dino accessories like sunglasses, neckties, beanies and more
– Dino camera and Free camera

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