PlaneShift Review: Early Quirks

PlaneShift Review: Early Quirks


Graphics: 8.5
The graphics are truly stunning. The texture work is phenomenal. The character animations are nice, but they could add some emotion to actions like jumping and strafing. When outside, sometimes the weather can get rainy. The rain is rendered nicely, giving the world a real world look.


Gameplay: 3.0
Really it is just a big chatroom were you can get crystals… this wil be around a 7.0 or more at the end of this year 2003 because combat system and lots of new features are comming in… The currency gets the lowest score because new players can’t get any crystals, higher players know where they all are and it take 500 to buy a basic weapon.


Guild System: 8.0
Really great i found myself starting the LEGENDS guild and in 3 hours got 20 other members.. Really fun system.. You can change rank names, change members ranks.. Change your guild symbol… Even you get your own chat system for your guild.


Performance: 6.5
Performance is ok considering the game is still in alpha phase. The lag is sometimes un bearable. My computer is top notch, but sometimes the amount of polygons on screen can slow performance considerably, since the alpha product is a memory hog. The game freezes up a lot.


Sound: 5
The music is nicely composed, but it can get a ltitle annoying after a while. I don’t really hear very many in-game sounds except when rain starts falling, otherwise, the sound is mediocre. Yea yea, it;s still in alpha phase, but it could use some more “cream with it’s coffee”.

Value: 10
Of course i’m going to give this game a 10 because first off — it’s FREE! No cost at all! Second, the developers have promised many things for this game; a great atmosphere, many ways to make a living, great quests and adventures, and a huge community to make friends in.

Overall: 7.5
So far, the game is slowly taking on what could be a revolutionary product in the MMORPG field. The graphics are already beautiful and still improving, realistic sound will certainly be added in future releases, The peformance will increase in organization and structure in the near future, and the production values are off the charts. Oodles of people are expecting an awesome, FREE MMORPG that can be enjoyed by all roleplaying types, and I believe that PlaneShift will deliver the goods one way or another.

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