Port Galaxy Interview: Intergalactic Adventure

Port Galaxy Interview: Intergalactic Adventure
Questions by Bryan King (Bryan), OnRPG Journalist
Answered by Riley, Port Galaxy Owner


Port Galaxy is a space-themed chat community currently in development. Port Galaxy promotes active exploration, creativity, and interaction between users. The team behind Port Galaxy is working hard daily to develop the game to full potential. Today, I get to sit down with Riley, the owner of Port Galaxy.


OnRPG: Hello Riley, please, introduce us to your team’s project, Port Galaxy.
Hi 🙂  Port Galaxy is a game that is going to really exceed other browser-based virtual worlds.  It’s going to be more like a virtual galaxy.  This opens the game up to unlimited possibilities.  When you join Port Galaxy you will be living on a Space Port that travels throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.  You will be able to chat, trade with merchants, meet “people” from around the galaxy, collect clothes, items, and even custom private rooms.  Users will be able to travel to a new planet about once a month, finding unique clothes, items, and rooms themed to the planet.  Virtual events will take place on Port Galaxy that will allow users to participate in fun mini-games as well.  Events such as these are going to play a big part.  With an entire galaxy of possibilities there is just far too much to list!


OnRPG: Based on your team’s work so far, how has progress come along?
My team is working hard to get a public beta release for sometime in March.  Progress has been great, and new features all the time are being included in the initial release.  New features does however mean more work.


OnRPG: Is there a storyline that you’d like to introduce to readers?
It is the future. With the discovery of new technology the inhabitants of Earth began to explore the Galaxy.  Port Galaxy became a home for many.  Soon different races were discovered, some planets were explored, and a galactic adventure had began.  The inhabitants of Port Galaxy now continue their search for new civilizations, homes, and adventures.



Port Galaxy


OnRPG: What graphic elements will be implemented to enhance the experience for players?
The graphics are going to be rendered in higher detail than you see on most isometric browser-based games.  The resolution is also going to be set higher to fit more modern sized monitors.  It will be displayed at 1024×768, although later on we plan to make the game available in multiple sizes.  The game will include rich background animations, as well as many animated collectable items.  It will be something designed for casual gamers.


OnRPG: What features differentiates Port Galaxy from other games of the genre?
A unique event system where users will be able to play many different mini-games and compete for high scores, and prizes.  A safety feature for users to protect their items from hackers.  Other sci-fi/space games usually don’t even allow for you to control a character, or create an avatar.  They usually involve designing a spaceship.  At Port Galaxy you will be able to do both.  Once the game is released you will see many differences.


OnRPG: Will events play major roles in the game?
Yes, a very big role.  The events system will allow for two main things.  Every month we will be creating new mini-games for users to play.  They will be able to compete for high-scores and receive prizes at the end of every event.  An event could be a meteor shower, where users must destroy meteors to protect Port Galaxy.  Competition between users is always fun.  The second feature is travelling to planets.  This will occur usually once a month, and only last for 3-5 days.  During these events users will have the chance to go to a planet, and collect unique items, clothes, and rooms themed to the specific planet they are on.  Some planets will be protected, and require users to complete a mini-game before they can arrive there.   Since there are so many possibilities for events and planets in the Galaxy, this truly is a great feature.


OnRPG: How will characters be able to create their own persona, and how will customization work?
Customization will start fairly simple, with changes of hair, facial structure, and clothing.  They will also be able to pick from many different colors.  There will be male & female avatars at first, with selection of skin color as well.  We have planned to add some alien races to the avatar system, but not for the initial release.  Each user will also be able to customize their profiles, and collect various awards.  Allowing users to create a custom persona is very important to us.


Viewing Station


OnRPG: Will characters also be able to create their own rooms, or build anything of their own?
They will be able to select from a few different room options on the space port itself, and decorate the room with items they get from merchants.  They will be able to get rooms based on planets they visit, for a short time.  They will also be able to collect ships (spaceships), which act as two things.  The docking zone will be used for a user profile, and users will be able to design and decorate the exterior view of their ships.  This can be done using graffiti, stickers, textures, and colors.  The interior of the ships are private rooms, which always remain locked.  The owner of a ship will have the option to invite friends or allow users to “ask to enter” the ship.  There will also be different ships to collect every month.  This will hopefully create a cool little environment for users to invite friends.


OnRPG: How will characters be able to gain from economic profit (i.e. paid currency),  and how will this be spent?
Users will be able to pick from several credit packages.  Credits will be used to purchase items, clothes, rooms, and ships.  By purchasing credits you will have a lot more to work with when creating your virtual identity.  People who do not purchase credits won’t be left in the dark, as there will always be a selection of free clothing, and items.  Credits and prizes will also be given out quite regularly to event & competition winners.


OnRPG: What future updates does your development team plan to add?
We would like to add a radio system called Port Galaxy Radio, which would act as a virtual radio station for the inhabitants of Port Galaxy.  Also voice chat has been considered as a feature we may add.  Users would have to option to request voice chat.  The planets system will not be included in the initial release, although will be added shortly after.   Other than that we feel the current features will be enough to keep users entertained for quite some time, although we will constantly be adding new content every month.


OnRPG:  What model will your community team use to make sure players join, and KEEP playing?
We will keep users active by creating new events, and competitions for them to participate in.  We will be adding new content every month, and updating them weekly.  The staff will be in open contact with users and allow them to provide feedback and ideas which could essentially be added in-game.  We also will have an active forum community for users to have discussions and contact staff members.


OnRPG:  Some development teams are made up of fresh, new faces. What experience has your team had in the MMO industry?
I personally have had a lot of experience with MMO’s, I’ve been playing them for many years now.  I’ve worked with several “staff members” from other games as well.  The same applies for some of my team as well.  I think first a person should experience playing MMO’s with users, before they should try creating something.  The users are the most important part of the game.  We are however new to MMO game development, but hope to create a great community, and a great virtual experience.


OnRPG: Are there going to be public beta stages for users to try? If so, when will these occur?
There will be an initial public beta release most likely sometime in March.  After the release we may close the game for a short while for updates, but expect everything to be working fairly smoothly.  You will be able to get a more accurate ETA if you follow us on twitter, or check our website.


OnRPG: Where do you see Port Galaxy five years from now?
Five years from now there will be so many explored planets, items, and clothes that users won’t know what to do.  Perhaps by then another space port will open up in a distant galaxy.  I’m sure the game will be full of new features, and ways to help organize the galactic stockpile of items and clothes. 


OnRPG: Describe, in one sentence, why players should go to www.portgalaxy.com right now.
To find out more about the game, join the community and supply feedback and help support the project.


OnRPG: Anything else to add?
Remember we are open to communication, feedback, and ideas!  If you are interested in this type of game, now is the time to join our community, so you can offer your input find out about some pre-beta events!


OnRPG: Thank you for the interview, Riley!
Thank you. 



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