Portal Knights launches New Update

Portal Knights - V 1.2 Portal

Portal Knights‘ dev team have heard the requests, and have answered with V. 1.2 of the game! It brings a new feature that many have requested: Vacant Islands! They will allow players to build structures freely, where they can store their treasure without worrying about clearing out/keeping out monsters or other buildings. The merchants in-game grant access to these, and players will also receive unlimited resources for this in change for gold coins! Adding a personal touch to your home in Portal Knights is now much easier as the decorative props found in dungeons can now be mined and placed. Gather a selection of paintings, books, bottles, plates and more to make your house feel like home! In addition, there are new quests/more content to challenge than ever before! New enemies, new characters and these new Portal Guardians hide behind gateways so players will have to complete unique questlines to get to these formidable foes! There will also be random events that occur every hour. PLayers are now more likely to experience changes like this, and two new enemy invasion events have also been added in this update!

This update is on Steam now and will be on PS4/Xbox One soon!

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