Practical MMO and Gaming Traits Part 1

MMO/Gaming Traits For Real Life

by: Kei Beneza (Dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Being an MMO gamer is not easy, especially if you are surrounded by non-gamers in your daily life. Not only do you see things differently, you also come off as weird to others. As an MMO player, I would argue that being an MMO gamer is actually far from being a disadvantage. While the geeky remarks and lifestyle may not appeal to ‘normal’ people, I find that it is something that helped and will continue to help me in real life. Now let’s take some time to review our mad skills.


Trait Number 1: They Don’t Quit

When they put their hearts into it, gamers in general are well driven in the careers they pursue. I have yet to find out where their burning hearts come from, but gamers definitely know better than to give up. In my personal experience, I have seen many gamers who succeeded where others fail (three of them in my own office). Since MMO gamers are used to wiping in raids, repairing gear, and studying lost battles, you can bet your Orcish arse that these people are ready for a series of trial and error. MMO gamers are used to failure; just look at their average love life!


Practical MMORPG Gaming Traits


Since gamers are always up for a challenge, you can say that one hard task is not enough to break these burning hearts. Some games are challenging by nature, and it helps gamers surpass their own self expectations. This is exactly why no goal is too far for a driven gamer. Even if it’s about saving the world from an evil half demon prince, you will know that these people will stop at nothing to accomplish their tasks.


Trait Number 2: They Have Good Leadership Skills, Both In Real Life And In War

If you are familiar with IBM, they actually consider gaming experience (particularly in MMOs) as a huge addon in their work experience. They believe that MMO players in particular are used to stress and are effective workers even when paired with random people. Maybe it’s because we are all capable of adapting to various individuals when playing with guilds. Let’s face it, at one time you did teach ‘that KID’ how to tank or DPS properly (despite the horrifying results).


Practical MMORPG Gaming Traits


In accordance to what I said above, these individuals are never afraid to voice their opinions and will even go down to pick up a ‘downed’ comrade when they need him. The main fact that these people are able to bring down boss monsters that often take COUNTLESS hours to finish with proper team coordination already means a lot. Anyone can count numbers and study business management… but not everyone can lead a band of warriors in an epic journey to defeat the Lich King.


Trait Number 3: Adaptability

One thing I myself am familiar with is the gamer’s ability to adapt to different surroundings. Whether it’s adapting to people or co-workers we don’t like, office changes, or lack of materials to work with, MMO gamers will always find a way to push through. At some point, it can be associated with the MMO environment where the world drastically changes at certain times.


Practical MMORPG Gaming Traits


While some characters are buffed to the bone, others are nerfed down to oblivion. And even though those nerfed classes are undergeared for a random dungeon run, you can bet that they will always try their best to make it work. This is exactly why these people are able to adapt well to their surroundings.


Trait Number 4: They Have More Than Two Hands, Figuratively Speaking

No, not like World of Warcraft’s six-armed Mother Misery—- I’m talking about ‘Multi-tasking’. If you have played an MMO, then you know how vital multi-tasking is to efficiently progress. It is VERY hard to do one thing at a time when you are in a rush to get gear and level for a scheduled raid. Healers, for example, not only make sure that their party survives random encounters, but also powers them up, making them hit harder and such. This often involves a complicated piano finger dance between hotkeys, potions, and wasd + mouse clicks to keep out of danger. Some MMO gamers even do six quests at a time on a normal basis. In layman’s terms, ‘they can watch TV, feed the dog, and discuss politics at the same time. Up till now, people question how I am able to concentrate on multiple things at a time. The answer is simple.


Practical MMORPG Gaming Traits


“I cast spells, drink coke, and power level lowbies on a regular basis”


Trait Number 5: Gamer Want—- Gamer Get

Gamers are very goal oriented when it comes to playing their favorite MMOs. Some even give themselves deadlines on when they will reach the max level to join other players in their quest for end-game content. Once an MMO player sets his mind on something, they will stop at nothing to attain it.


Practical MMORPG Gaming Traits


For All You Non-Gamers: You see those violet glowy items on our characters? You have no chance in hell to get these. Well, if you did, you probably cash shopped for them with your epic ‘real world’ loots!


For single player titles, finishing a game is no easy feat for the average Joe. Like I said, gamers don’t give up easily. When mixed with their power of adaptability, not even the hardest of modes can keep them away from the ending credits. They will definitely fight for it if they have to.


Well that’s it for today. I will be back tomorrow morning for the continuation!


Edit: Part 2 is now available here.


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