Practical MMO and Gaming Traits Part 2

Practical MMO and Gaming Traits Part 2

by Kei Beneza (Dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Another day is upon us and another list must be completed. Here is the rest of my list of traits that give us gamers an advantage in the real world.

Trait Number 6: Epic Social Skills

One thing about being an MMO gamer is that they must socialize in order to get anywhere in the MMO world. Though some are not aware of it (shut-ins), they are actually capable of talking and conversing well with various individuals. Regardless of race, background, and personality, MMO gamers can communicate extremely well. There are definitely no social barriers for an MMO gamer, and if there are, they are more likely related to hygiene issues instead of social skills.


Practical MMORPG Gaming Traits


Trait Number 7: We Rise and Fall Together

When playing an MMO, especially at the peak of its challenge, players know that one death may be the death of many, especially when it’s the healer. Here’s the drama: The real world as I see it is much like a typical raid (okay that’s indeed geeky, but who cares?). We have the Tank, who takes the damage; the DPS, who deals damage behind the tank; and the Healer, who heals everyone from the back.


Practical MMORPG Gaming Traits


Once a player is in trouble or is about to get squashed to bits by some monster (can be related to whatever troubles you have in real life), the tank comes up and takes the damage, allowing the player to recover before letting him fight again. In a way, we are all tanks, DPSes, and healers in society, and the death of one may very well be the death of many. MMO players are literally capable of picking comrades up from the ground after their worst mistakes. Though watch out for us PvP types, we usually will trash talk you for it after you recover!


Trait Number 8: They Carry a Creative Outlook of the World

The world of gaming is quite broad in terms of storyline, system, and puzzles. Some puzzles also demand a rather creative way of solving and can only be solved by someone who thinks at least three steps ahead. Gamers in general are always known to have different and creative ways of solving problems outside the box.


Practical MMORPG Gaming Traits


While other people would deem it as unorthodox and out-of-this-world, gamers are used to dealing with things in a creative manner, and would even stick their neck on the line for something that is completely incomprehensible for the average Joe. Just be warned, while most gamers are creative, only a few tend to be logical.


Trait Number 9: They Are Prepared for the Unexpected

Let’s face it, gamers are future-oriented. We know how to plan out agendas in order to get what we want. Gamers know how to scan a large amount of information and quickly find what is lacking in a character’s build and then set out to improve themselves. This talent makes them quite useful in the workforce as they can often find security loopholes or improve company efficiency before any real problems arise.


After years of gaming, most MMORPG players also gain quite a bit of tech knowledge. From solving virus issues to purchasing the correct parts to upgrade their PCs, these people are forced to take a minor in technology. Try arguing the same about someone who spent their high school days engrossed in football. Yea the odds of finding a tech savvy person in this crowd drop significantly.


Practical MMORPG Gaming Traits


Games have opened up their eyes to different possibilities on what the future may bring, whether it’s a steam punk city, or a regular zombie apocalypse. While some individuals think about flying cars and the typical Jetsons scenario, we already deem them as passe’. I mean, what is with the Robot maid? Our Robot Kafras look better, yes? Survival skills are also another thing that gamers naturally posses. If you think we are wasting our time playing these games that don’t contribute to our knowledge, then you should definitely see how we deal with bears.


Recently a 12 year old Norwegian boy saved his sister from a moose attack. In the heat of the moment, all he could recall was his endless hours of video game training. The kid actually taunted the ‘monster’ and then ‘feigned death’ once the moose was successfully ‘agroed.’ Mad skills, I tell you.


Trait Number 10: They Fight Continuous Battles Without Losing Their Efficiency

In online gaming, the battle for the future of the world never ends. MMO players should know this first hand. Even after bringing down bosses such as Arthas, they know that their journey is far from over, and will continue to strengthen themselves continuously to prepare for the next battle. These are the type of people who will never be satisfied with the status-quo and allow stagnation to take place. So long as you can equate success to a puzzle or gaming challenge, a gamer’s mind won’t allow them to rest until solutions are found.


Practical MMORPG Gaming Traits


And There you have it. Yes, gaming has become a staple part of our culture, and even though some people still think that we are wasting our time on the couch eating chips and fighting bosses, I would say that it is most definitely the opposite. We are gamers, and there’s no way in hell that I would want it any other way.


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