Priston Tale

Priston Tale is a 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that is developed by the Korean based company Triglow Pictures. It is currently in its open beta phase. There are many classes to choose from: Knight, Mechanician, Magician, Fighter, Pikeman, Archer, Atlanta, and Priestess. All have 4 different abilites/spells that can be learned at level 10, 12, 14, and 16. You control your character with your mouse, and you can use the 1,2, and 3 keys for item shortcuts. On to the review…

Priston tale has, for the most part, very good graphics. The character models are very high-res and are fluidly animated. The models are cartoonish rather than realistic, and they fit in well with the games whole theme. Most of the spell and ability effects are top-notch, and all the weapons in the game are well textured and drawn. Scenery, however tends to be very bland and bleak. The trees are not good looking, and the enviroment is stark, with seemingly no life to it besides all the monsters walking around. Priston Tale’s graphics deserve an 8/10, and the only thing keeping them from 9 or a 10 would be the scenery.

The sound, suprisingly, is good quality and has a good variety. There are about 4-5 different weapon sound effects, and all the monsters have “voices” that fit them perfectly. None of the sound effects are overused, aside from the one your weapon makes. The music is also high-quality, and does not annoy but acutally adds to the whole experience. The sounds of Priston Tale definetely deserve a 9/10 for doing a masterful job of blending with the beautiful graphics and making Priston Tale an engaging experience.

After all that praise, here comes the negative part. Priston Tale’s combat system is alright, for the first few hundred kills. While having to click every time you want to attack is engaging, it also can get very annoying. They should have included an option to make attacking automatic as Mu Online did. The battles do indeed look impressive, and for a while, you won’t notice some of Priston Tale’s bigger problems which I will discuss. Priston Tale, is in fact, pointless. Fun, but pointless, let me explain. There I am, level 12 (and proud of it) and I realize that it takes a LONG time to level. I start to think, what’s gonna be so cool when I waste 2 more months and hit level 60? Nothing, really, besides getting new equipment. The game doesn’t even have a PK (Player-Killing) system. So, besides equipment there really isn’t any other reason to level. I guess if you just enjoy leveling for the fun of it, then you’ll love this game. But if you like to do other things beside kill monsters, monsters, and more monsters, then you’re gonna hate Priston Tale. Priston Tale’s gameplay gets a 6/10, merely because it looks so good and smooth…from a distance.

Final Comments
Priston tale brought me about 2 weeks of fun, then that was it. I realized there was no real point in leveling, because it wouldn’t get any bigger or better (only the monsters would). Don’t get me wrong, this game is fun, but just somewhat pointless. Another small gripe: The text runs out of the text box when people talk. Small, but still, you’d think that they would want to fix something like that. Priston Tale is no Dark Age of Camelot, but for a quick fix it’s fun. Just be warned, the download is around 400 megabytes so be sure you wanna play this game before you start downloading the behemoth. Priston Tale, overall, gets 6/10.

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