Prius Online Interview: My Anima and Me

Prius Online Interview: My Anima and Me

Questions by: Bryan King, OnRPG Journalist

Answered by: Jooyoung Chung, Senior Producer for Prius Online




Prius Online has been in full release for about three weeks now, and today, I got the chance to talk to Jooyoung Chung about Prius Online’s past, present, and future, as the game chugs onwards to continuously add content as well as implement new events for the community to enjoy. Prius Online is a free to play anime-themed MMORPG with tons of cool features. Read below to find out more!


OnRPG: Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers who are not familiar with you.


Jooyoung:  Hi, my name is Jooyoung Chung and I’m the Senior Producer for Prius Online. As the producer, I not only handle daily operations but also try to ensure that the game runs smoothly and has the best game play experience possible. In order for that to happen, I must work very closely with our various internal departments and our developer in Korea.



OnRPG: Before we get started, is there any sort of storyline that Prius Online has?


Jooyoung:  Yes, Prius has a very in-depth and fascinating storyline for players to discover. Prius is actually a Latin word meaning “first” or “before,” and in the game Prius is the first star created by the god Hooul before he sacrifices himself to save the world.  Players now find themselves fighting for survival in a world devastated by the loss of its creator.  We’re planning to introduce Prius’ lore continuously over time, but if you want to find out more feel free to visit our website at



OnRPG:  Prius Online was developed originally in Korea, and was recently brought to North American shores in 2011, what did your team do in order to best fit this game to its new audience?


Jooyoung:  There are no core mechanical differences between the Korean and the North American versions yet, but we’re constantly researching our market and players’ preferences in order to shape the game appropriately.  The results of this research helped us try to recast features in order to fit the game to our players. In fact, we’ve already benefited from a delayed release. Since Prius has been out roughly 3 years, we’ve been able include many polished features, including optimized battle systems, new dungeons, and elaborate questing.




OnRPG: What features separate Prius Online from other F2P games out there?


Jooyoung:  When the general market thinks of F2P, a lower standard of quality and item shop dependence often comes to mind.  We’re working with the developers to distance ourselves from these stereotypes.  We constantly seek feedback from the community and work very hard to incorporate that feedback to improve the game.  We’re also putting a lot of effort into attempting to make the player experience as complete as possible by ensuring that quality items can be obtained through game play as well as online purchases. For example, you can buy mounts in the item shop or earn them through your Anima’s taming skill.



OnRPG: Can you introduce readers to the Anima and Gigas system?


Jooyoung:  The Anima is a mysterious force with a myriad of helpful and destructive capabilities to unlock.  As players progress through the game they’ll have the chance to change her disposition and emotional responses, shaping her unique abilities.  She’ll prove to be an engaging and supportive companion.


The Gigas on the other hand are veritable behemoths, able to take down armies of enemies with ease.  Players will be able to control them during intense battles.  Many different kinds can be found throughout the world, and in our latest update you’ll see even more powerful Gigas via the Giga’s Awakening System.


The Anima and Gigas are both unique aspects of Prius’ game play that make up the core of the Three Character System (3C System).  Each not only helps you battle against the fiercest of foes, but is an intrinsic element in your character’s destiny.  As players progress through the game, they’ll learn more about their relationship with the Anima and the future that awaits them.




OnRPG:  What races are in Prius? What differentiates them all?


Jooyoung:  Prius features seven starting classes, each with its own layer of customization and skills allowing for multiple styles of gameplay. Here’s a quick breakdown of each:


Gunslinger – A force to be reckoned with at close and long distances. This class has an arsenal of pistols and rifles to fire away at unsuspecting foes.


Occultist – Harnessing both ice and fire to create impressive and deadly attacks, they can immobilize through frost or engulf their enemy in flames.


Huntress – Equipped with bows and daggers, these female warriors can tap into the Spiritual World to support themselves and allies in times of need.


Berserker – They rely on brute force and approaching their enemies head on. Berserkers are notorious for their high damage attacks and their ability to absorb punishment.


Legionnaire – Legionnaires are feared warriors that rain down continuous blows. Using their intelligence, they hone in on opponents’ weaknesses and strike.


Shadow Templar – Though physically not as strong as other classes, they make up for their lack of strength with ingenuity. Armed with a rapier and mysterious Gauntlet, they possess the ability to reverse incoming attacks to take out fierce opponents.


Minstrel – This class is part of the female-only race known as the Beriah. They use lutes infused with mystical powers to sway the outcome of battle. Their tunes are both beautiful and deadly.



At level 25, players have the added bonus of being able to change into one of two master classes, expanding on their original class.



OnRPG: How has your community responded to the Open Beta release so far?


Jooyoung:  The communities’ feedback was tremendous.  We recently conducted a survey targeting issues relating to open beta, and we got very informative and positive responses.  Interestingly, the biggest complaint we saw was regarding the previous IP restriction.


Originally we opened Prius to only North America and Europe, but after the survey we found out our audience spanned the globe. Many of these international players were also already very dedicated to the game, having been active on our social networks and forums for some time.  After several talks with the developer we finally got the OK to remove the IP Block, letting players everywhere enjoy Prius as of July 2nd.



OnRPG: Prius has attracted the attention of many well known PvP factions since its launch. What features make this game so attractive for competitive gaming clans?


Jooyoung:  Prius has very strong PVP systems: Open World PK Mode, the Coliseum, Siege Warfare and the intriguing Bounty Hunter System. Most of these have been available throughout CBT and OBT, and the remainder went live on July 27th.


Here’s a brief description for one of our exciting new features:


Siege Warfare: To start we’ll be opening this feature in only one Metropolis, but eventually implement it in other cities as well.  When a guild reaches level 5, the guild leader can register for Siege Warfare. Guilds will be placed either on the offensive or defensive side of a Castle Siege battle.  If your guild wins the siege, you’ll gain numerous rewards including special mounts, costumes, and other in-game goodies!




OnRPG: Recently, your team released a July Content Update that was created to address the community’s requests. Can you tell our readers about this update?


Jooyoung:  The active voices on our Forums made it clear that there was a dire need for more instanced dungeons.  While we were planning to originally release them all in our Official Release patch, we chose a more proactive approach.  With some persistence and a few late nights, we were able to convince our developer to let us release a portion of the content early.  Our hopes of satisfying the community seemed to really pay off, and with the big update just released we expect our players will have plenty to explore for some time to come.



OnRPG: You mention a major content update. Can you give us a little teaser as to what’s coming?


Jooyoung:  We released our latest update on July 27th.  Including the several instance dungeons I mentioned before, there’ll be a good deal of content pushed through this time around.  Players can look forward to a level cap increase to 60, 8 new skills per class, 3 new regions, Siege Warfare and more.  Players can track the updates via our official news posts on




OnRPG: Cash shops in free to play games have been quite the topic lately, with many MMOs switching to a F2P format, and the MMO community is split in terms of how to better improve this economy to keep paying players and non-paying players in mind. What has your team done in terms of keeping the entire cash shop system balanced?


Jooyoung:  In Prius, cash items are 100% optional and not required for game-play. Players have access to almost everything in-game, including protection items, mounts, and even some costumes.  The entire game and all its dungeons, regions, and features are also completely open for players to enjoy. I’m positive players won’t feel cash items are required for this game, and we’re all working hard to stress this.



OnRPG: What kind of player would you say enjoys Prius the most? Hardcore or casual?


Jooyoung:  Both. Those new to MMOs will find some great, unobtrusive tools in game that help the players along when needed, but all players will find a deep, challenging world to explore.




OnRPG:  From a community aspect, would you say Prius encourages a solo or group basis? How so?


Jooyoung:  You can solo with no real difficulty, as there are a good number of quests to occupy your time, but it seems our community prefers group play.  Luckily, we have a very easy-to-use party system, private and group chat rooms, and even a fast-paced PVP coliseum that any player can enter at any time.


OnRPG: Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?


Jooyoung:  The Prius team and I very much hope our players will enjoy the new update and all the tremendous features we’ll be rolling out.  We also want to encourage everyone to continue providing us with more feedback so we can carry on creating an F2P game fit for our exceptional community.



OnRPG: Thank you so much!


OnRPG also sent ColbyCheeze into the world of Prius last weekend. Be sure to check out his video impressions HERE.

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