Private Servers: The Good and The Bad

Private Servers: The Good and The Bad
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


It is quite evident that MMOs have become a hit in today’s gaming Meta. With millions of subscribers constantly leveling in more ways that one, there’s no stopping these MMO maniacs from playing all their favorite games. Apparently, it is also this love of games that tends to trigger illegal acts of piracy. Not everyone can afford the subscription rates especially for famous pay to play games like World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings online, and Warhammer online, which in result forces them to play the game for free onvarious private online servers.


What is a private server?

Private servers are very similar to pirated discs you see on the streets. It’s cheap (sometimes free), and offers the same gaming goodness as the actual retail game. Want to play World of Warcraft for free? Then log in here and enjoy the game without having to worry about subscription fees of any kind. I cannot deny the fact that I have tried playing on Private servers. One thing to ponder on was that I did get to play my favorite games without being burdened by credit card subscriptions. The community was just as good, with players roaming around the same way retail players would play the actual game. These servers are maintained through donations given by players in exchange for power and wealth in the game. I know it’s not retail, but the players still play it as though it was official. Truth be told, I was even surprised that they actually buy armor sets and treat them like they were official retail items. Yes, you’ll find a lot of pirated items for sale here. I do understand the fact that people actually buy gold and armor in real MMOs, but how could private server items cost as much? It’s all the same— they still give money either way, the only difference being is that it’s a lot cheaper than a monthly based rate.


Why join?

Apparently, the poverty issue isn’t the only slime lurking. Believe it or not, some of the game’s gimmicks often force players to join private servers in order to make it easier to level. I managed to talk to a certain player who has been playing on private servers for quite some time now. According to our sources, most people want to avoid unnecessary actions such as PT leveling (RF Online). I know these things can be a real pain due to its grind factor, but taking it out means you’re not playing the game itself at least In my opinion. Gold was also an issue, as players tend to hate grinding for gold as much as leveling stuff other than their character. “Items feel cheaper if you earn more money” he said, which is true in a way. Some players also prefer to level faster, discontented by the unforgiving experience rate of most MMOs.


Do private servers make a game better?

Hell no— and yes! Since these individuals are basically just hacking the game, it’s rare for these servers to actually carry the same goodness as its retail counterpart. Bugs for one are poorly treated and may hog your gaming zen. I know that private servers are modded to make players enjoy it more by spoiling them with massive gold and experience, but you’re actually getting a second rate copy which will never be as good as the original. A good reason though is that private servers mod games in order to fit the players preferences. Since most private server hosts are also players, they know the player’s perspective quite well, and editing the game accordingly. There’s no assurance that these servers will actually be around to make you enjoy your money’s worth, so don’t be fooled. Private server items are not equal to retails ones, nor does it come close to being as good as the original.


So are private servers illegal?

Absolutely, and gamers knows that. If you look closely or at least bother to read a games terms ofservice or the user license agreement, games cannot be hosted by anyone other than the company. The lack of money or whatever poverty issue people may have is not an excuse. It’s really the same as pirating a console/PC game.Look at it this way, you wouldn’t be happy if people are gaining profit from a game you YOURSELF developed, and neither are the game companies If you are not happy with the game’s exp, gold, and mechanics, then do yourself a favor and don’t play the game. It technically counts as stealing, and those who create servers that are not hosted by the games proper publishercan be subject to criminal charges. You’re not a criminal right?


Do you love that game?

If you really love a certain game so much then express this emotion by supporting the game itself and not other people. Yes, this process may be a bit pricier than just registering in some site without the hassle of popping out your credit card, but like I said-if you truly love the game, then this shouldn’t be a problem.


Is it really the same as actual servers?

From my experience… no it’s not. Upon trying one out before, I encountered a lot of bugs and downtime issues. This is what happens if you don’t know how to perform the necessary maintenance process. Going back to our sources, our interviewee said that he also paid a decent amount of money to help stop the private server from crashing. Well, I guess he got what he deserved. The server eventually vanished, leaving those who paid and invested their time with nothing but memories (and possibly regret).


Things to be stated

You wouldn’t want anyone to earn or get credit for something you developed and that’s a fact (of course unless you’re a totalidiot). I know that there are reasons why you would rather play in a private server, with one being the absurd XP and gold rates these games tend to have. This by far is the same as stealing a can of Coke because it is for sale and you can’t afford it. Your devotion towards a game does not revolve around how much time you spend playing it, but how far you go just to play it. Ever tried beating the same boss with professional scripting? Hah, private noobs would probably wipe 3 seconds after entering the fight.

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