Product Review: Inland Bass Vibration Headset

By Mohammad Abubakr (Abubakr), OnRPG Journalist

A few months ago my microphone broke and I was in dire need of a new one in order to play my favourite MMOs. Normally I would just go to the dollar store and find a replacement, but I thought it was time I got a headset that would last a long time. At that time I didn’t have a lot of money saved, so I couldn’t buy the high-class expensive gaming headsets. I had to search for a cheaper headset that would get the job done.

After looking around at different stores I found the Inland Bass Vibration headset. This is a nice headset which is great for gaming. It comes with a bendable microphone as well for when you use programs such as TeamSpeak or Ventrilo with your guild and friends. Best of all, it only cost me 36 CAD (31USD)!

Inland Headset

Comfort and Ease


This headset has nice padded ear cups so your ears won’t hurt after a long day of gaming; although they might feel a little funny once you take the headset off. To make your gaming experience more fun, there is an in-line volume control along the wire which will easily let you adjust the volume without ALT+TABbing out of your game! The volume control area also has buttons for adjusting the amount of vibration you would like.


*boom* Why is my head shaking?

Talking about vibration, this headset has built in vibration! What’s better then actually feeling the grenade that is thrown in your favourite FPS (not literally of course)? This headset will literally shake when a grenade explodes near you! If you like to listen to music while gaming you’ll also like this feature as the headset will vibrate according to your beat. The vibration will not distort your music. It will actually make it sound better!  You will need to hook up the USB for vibration or use batteries.

Loud and Clear

When you purchase a headset the primary requirement is good sound quality. This headset has great sound quality and bass! When you’re playing a game, like an FPS, you can clearly hear your enemy’s footsteps and be ready to attack. Also, when you’re in a raid with your guild, you won’t have to ask people to repeat themselves in Ventrilo.

Can you hear me?

You won’t have to worry about people not hearing you clearly with this headset. The boom microphone has great sound quality. If you’re leading a PvP attack, you won’t have to worry about your guild not understanding your order. If your microphone is too low, make sure you’ve adjusted the settings through your computers sound settings.


I really recommend this headset to everyone who is looking for an affordable headset that will get the job done. Some of you might be saying “$36 isn’t very cheap” but it is for a quality headset with great features for gaming. Sure, you can purchase a cheaper headset but it won’t be as great as this one. You’ll miss out on the padded ear cups, great microphone/sound quality and vibration!

The Good:
Great sound quality
Good microphone
Sound Control

The Bad:
Long use can make your ears hurt (after you take it off)
Wearing it one spot can make your hair go down. 


Product Type Headset
Recommended Use PC multimedia, Portable audio system, Video conferencing system
Additional Features Bass vibration control

Headphones Type Headphones – Binaural
Headphones Form Factor Ear-cup
Connectivity Technology Wired
Sound Output Mode Stereo
In-Cord Volume Control Yes

– Type Built-in – Boom
– Microphone Operation Mode Mono
– Connectivity Technology Wired

Remote Control
Type None

Connector Type 1 x Headphones ( Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm ), 1 x Microphone ( Mini-phone 3.5 mm )

Cables Included 1 x Audio cable – Integrated – 8 ft

Power Device None
Battery 2 x Headset battery – AAA type.

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