Project Powder Interview

Onrpg: Project Powder is currently in closed beta. What are the positive and negative aspects of it so far?

GM Murdock: We’re getting a lot of great feedback from many different game communities, and a lot of new users are checking out Outspark for the first time thanks to Project Powder. We’ve run into some hurdles, but it’s expected in a closed beta. Outspark has been working day and night to fix any bugs and connection issues we encounter, and have addressed many issues thanks to the help of our beta testers.

Onrpg: What brought you to release a snowboarding game at the beginning of the summer season?

GM Murdock: That is the exact reason why Outspark wanted to release the game in the summer. There’s no snow at this time of year, so it gives snowboard fans something to dream about during the summer. Besides, it’s refreshing to see snow in the game during the hot summer!

Onrpg: What characters can players chose to be? Are there any advantages and disadvantages between them?

GM Murdock: The characters are Max, Ross, and Beth. There are some differences between the characters, but they are not too noticeable. You really differentiate your character with your gear, which can be enhanced by using a Magic Cube to refine the Ore you find in the game. Once you enhance your character, they will go faster, jump higher, turn quicker, and boost harder.

Max is the default (main) character, and he is the “hero” in the game. Ross is the young kid and a child genius, and he tends to be a very agile character. Beth is Ross’ sister, and is both smart and cute.

Onrpg: Will Project Powder see an item mall? If so, what will we be able to purchase from it in its release?

GM Murdock: Yes, there will be an item mall of sorts. There are different stores you can buy premium items from in-game. To name just a few: The Department Store is where the newest items are released, and the Discount Store is where older items and sale items are located. Of course, there will be even more stores in the future.

Onrpg: What kind of environments can people race in? How many maps can players take on?

GM Murdock: You spend time on the track and in the game room lobby. There are two game types – Single and Team – and three game modes: Race Mode, Battle Mode, and Coin Mode. Within the game room lobby you can throw a snowball at other opponents and/or teammates. Project Powder will have 33 tracks in open beta, but we are adding more tracks as we speak. Because the game takes place on a distant planet in the future, you’ll be able to snowboard on more than just snow, and can shred up grassy fields subterranean mines as well.

Onrpg: What events are presently being held?

GM Murdock: Currently we run “Race Against the GM” events. These events can take place in any of our three game modes or two game types.

Also, players that reach level 5 in closed beta will get a permanent “CBT” hoodie in open beta, and the players that report the most bugs will be rewarded with SparkCash – a currency used for Outspark games. Check out for more details. Sometimes we make impromptu events just for the day. We post the details for these events on the forums.

Onrpg: What different game modes can players pick from?

GM Murdock: The game modes are as follows: Single/Team Race where you can race against the whole room and/or team up to race as a team, Single/Team Battle where you can battle against the whole room and/or team up to battle as a team, and Single/Team Coin where you can compete against the whole room to pick up the most coins and/or team up to compete as a team. There are also more game modes being developed, but I cannot share the details at this point. Look for them in the future!

Onrpg: Players can perform combos and fancy tricks while snowboarding. What controls do players use perform them?

GM Murdock: The controls are keyboard based. You use the arrow keys to turn, go faster, and stop or slow down. You can use the keyboard to do tricks and the spacebar to jump. The X key will let you look behind you.

We are also looking to give players USB gamepad support so you can plug in a controller to play.

Onrpg: What updates do you plan on releasing in the future?

GM Murdock: We have a lot of exciting plans for different type of updates. Maintenance updates will happen weekly. Content updates will happen every 2-4 weeks. We plan to keep adding content during the live service of the game.

Onrpg: When do you plan the open beta and the full release of Project Powder?

GM Murdock: The Open Beta will come shortly after closed beta. Unfortunately the date is TBA. The best thing to stay up on news and announcements is to watch the Project Powder website, so keep bookmarked!

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