Project Torque Review: Better Than Most Racing Games

Project Torque Review: Better Than Most Racing Games
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), Onrpg Journalist


If you’re looking for a good online racing game, then you should definitely add this to your list. Project Torque is a free Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Racing Game that allows you to race against other players and customize your car. If you liked Need for Speed, then this game would definitely appeal to you as it caters the same features in an online aspect. As a new racer, your goal is to beat everyone and be the best there is (much like any other MMO today). Online matchmaking has always been good for these types of games. Although the outcome of each race is the only nonlinear part of any racing game, let’s see what else this game has to offer shall we?

The road to becoming a professional race car driver

As a newbie racer, you’ll be given two cars that will serve as your archetypes. Once you manage to fill up your online racer’s information, you’re ready to join the fun. Joining is as easy as entering a room while waiting for the other players to start the race. Each race grants you RP or Race Points that will help you develop your car’s looks and performance. The amount of points gained depends on how well you do in each race. It doesn’t really matter if you end up at the bottom of the list as long as you cross the finish line.


Drivers are separated by class through the licensing system. If you’re familiar with Gran Turismo then you won’t have any problems understanding this feature. For those of you who haven’t, classes are leveled through your car’s performance in every race as well as fulfilling stunts that are laid down for you to accomplish. As you continue to satisfy these conditions, your rank goes up— allowing you to challenge higher beings and attain better cars that belong in a specific class. Though the game revolves around street racing, dirt tracks and other maps are featured in the game. You could say that the game has enough diversity for any racing fan out there.


Your Car

Say goodbye to lag

Since lag has become quite an issue in most of today’s online games, Project Torque came up with a remedy that will further enhance your gaming experience without the worries of sudden jerks caused by lag. You can choose to turn off car collision (or turn on Ghost car mode) to decrease any disadvantages caused by lag. With this feature, you can run through the course while racing with enemy players as though you were playing an offline racing game. Since lag may be the cause of sudden collisions between cars, might I say that the game did come up with a good trick to fix this annoying problem. Although you get more RP when you have the collision system on, it’d be better to earn less cash than kick your PC due to lag rage (or in my opinion at least).

All around racing package

Unlike other online racing games, Project Torque features more than your average racing experience. Other game modes such as capture the flag (done by bumping into one another), drift mode, and drag races have also been implemented to further immerse players into the heart of racing.

Upgrades galore

Among race car fanatics, who can resist upgrading their car just so it could roar better than the others? Yeah, the game provides a wide variety of upgrading methods much like Need for Speed. An arcade style game that has simulation elements? What more could you ask for?

Shiny and sparkly

If you would compare the game’s graphics to some of the most up to date offline racing games, it is rather obvious that this game would suck bad. However, if you were to compare it with other Racing MMOs, there is no doubt that this one would definitely stand out. The game’s visuals are really impressive for an online game, let alone a free to play one. The tracks are nicely rendered, making it quite easy to build your visual relationship with the in game aesthetics. The cars don’t look half bad and is a lot better than any last generation racing game. The game lets you switch to your desired race view mode to compliment your playstyle, whether it’s first person, driver’s view or third person.


No matter how you look at it, the game does look pretty polished; however, despite the game’s awesome visuals, it can still run well on low-end PCs. This, by far is one of the best features an online game has to offer. Not only does it cater good graphics but the ability to be unit-friendly as well.


Designing your car is one of the best features of any racing game. Seeing how it turns out or how it is displayed is another thing. The cars do have a bit of shine in them. Whenever I upgrade my car, I would normally just let it spin so I can see each and every corner of my newly designed automobile. Seeing them through the game’s graphic engine does bring a bit of satisfaction to my eyes. This game has the best graphics among its kin bar none.

Project Torque Players

Yo check out mah boom box!

Rev-ing engines would normally be the only thing you can hear in the game. Though you may think that you’ll be driving in silence all the time, the game lets you put your music inside the music folder. This lets you stream your music while racing (Initial D Eurobeat music anyone?). Even up to now I still can’t find this feature useful since It’s the same as streaming your music through your media player. Who knows? Maybe the feeling of having their tunes as a part of the game actually works better for most players. 


If I were to judge this game, I would say that the game is a lot better than most of the racing games out there. Not only does it provide a wider variety of game modes, it’s diverse upgrading system makes up for those who are interested in hardcore racing games. The graphics are really good, especially for something that runs on low-end PCs. The tracks themselves justify how good the graphics are, especially for a free to play game. The sounds effects are really good (I guess they mastered how to synthesize VROOOM sound effects by now). If you’re a fan of racing games, Project Torque is definitely a must play.


The Good:
– Graphics are awesome
– Can run on low end PCs
– Broad upgrading system
– Lag remedy.


The Bad:
-It needs a bunch of music… not from your PC but from the game itself
-Lag remedy? At the cost of earning less money? Seriously.

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