Puzzle Pirates

By Onrpg

Puzzle Pirates is a neat little game. The concept is very original and quite refreshing. Basically you live the life of an everyday pirate trying to make the big bucks. Ships will employ your services for various tasks, be it navigating, bulging, or swordfighting, just to name a few. Catch is, these tasks are perfomed by solving various Tetris-like puzzles. The puzzles themselves can be quite complicating, but never too overbearing. Thankfully there is a helpful little tutorial at the beginning of the game to show you the ropes.

Ok, I’m not gonna lie to you, the graphics pretty much suck. Granted the puzzles are decent looking, but the towns, ships, people, well pretty much everything else isn’t. ARRG, she may not be a easy on the eyes, but she sure does have a great personality. Just overlook the crappy 2D visuals.

Puzzle Pirates 

The sounds actually aren’t that bad. Pretty good tunes to sail the opens seas.

Now I can overlook the bad graphics…but this I absolutely cannot overlook: the game is in Java. The interface is clunky, everything is sooo jumbled together, and moving around is no cakewalk.

It’s a cryin’ shame. This game could’ve been something really special, but instead it’s just a mere shadow of what it should’ve been. Damn you Java!

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