Q-world Review: More than Meets the Eye

By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), Onrpg writer

Your country has slowly crumbled into decadent ruin. The successors of the powerful and wise SageLord that controlled the whole of Q-world has brought the once beautiful country into its knees. And through the acts of a courageous princess that peace and prosperity has once again brought back to the country.

This is the main storyline of Cubizone’s latest addition to its roster of MMOs, Q-World. Your mission here is to fill the void the princess left and you can only attain it through getting stronger.

Who’s who?

As you start your journey through Q-World you are immediately thrust into Q-World. You get to choose from 5 different faces and four different default hairstyles for both genders. There are no stat points in the game because your characters are defined by the skills you’d invest your points in.

Another thing about the job class in Q-World is that for the first ten levels everyone starts of as a rookie. From then on you will then be given the choice of following two paths, either become a Ranger or a Poet.

Rangers in Q-World are generally the weapon wielders. After you become a Ranger you progress to become a spearman or swordsman, with the spearman becoming a Halberd Lord or Blade Sovran in later levels while a swordsman evolves into a Doom Lord or Sword Sage.

While most of the job class in the Ranger class are self explanatory the Doom Lord is different compared to the job class within the Ranger class because Doom Lords have no weapon specific skills unlike the Sword Sage.

The other class, the Poets meanwhile is the magical counterpart of the Ranger class in Q-World. Poets evolve into either a Medico or a Warlock. The Medicos are the healers and buffers of the game and when they reach level 60 turn into an Omni Oracle, which are become more of a buffer or a Latric Master that is more of a healer. The Warlocks on the other hand, as the name suggests are the offensive magic types. Turning level 60 evolves them to either become a Divine Master, the class that uses magic extensively for damage or a Bane Lord, the status ailment centered magic class.

Game Features

Q-World has a lot of features jam-packed in it compared to other MMOs in the market now. One of its very convenient and I can say defining feature is the auto-walk. When you click a destination in your mini-map your character is “piloted” to the position you clicked.

This serves as a convenient especially if you are in a very crowded place and the only way you can move around is by clicking on the NPC icon.

There’s also the title system in Q-World. The titles in Q-World are not just for mere show, as you acquire different titles you get special awards and items as you progress through the ranks. You earn titles by either getting “prestige” or “reputation”. You can earn these as you progress through the game and do quests.

The guild system in Q-World is also unique because Guilds are given exclusive quests for members. The bigger the guild the better the quests and the rewards are. Also, the Guild quests are also redoable the second day after an update.

Other key features in Q-World include: pet and fight system, marriage system, video recording system, pet ride system and God’s grace.

God’s grace is the game system in Q-world where certain clickable “bubbles” are found as you travel in Q-World. Clicking them gives your character time-constrained buffs. You can click more than one however they disappear as you log out of the game.

Meanwhile, the PVP system in Q-World is your typical PVP system settings similar to other MMOs. The PK system is also the same. Players from level 20 below can’t PK and the game has buttons that specifically control who you can PK.


Q-world is your typical massively multiplayer online game with a lot of add-ons to it. The game is straightforward without giving too much emphasis on the storyline. The plot’s follows the standard adventure path that provides the background of your character’s whole existence in the game.

The game’s background music carries the Chinese mythological feel. Though it may seem at times that there’s only one kind of instrument used as the base lead of the music, the BGM is not that monotonous enough that even if you would still listen to it even if you have played from hours till end.

When it comes to the game’s visuals, you can’t really complain much as most of the game’s sprites, monsters and text because they are ok. However if you really like to get the most out of the game I’d l suggest though that if you really want to see how beautiful the game can be I’d suggest you to maximize the game’s resolution because the texts are clearer and the graphics are finer in this setting.

As I said earlier, the game is straightforward. Your goal is to get stronger. This is done either grinding through the numerous monsters found outside the cities and the various places in the on-game map or go through the numerous quests that NPCs seem to have in spades.

Even with the objective as simple as getting stronger, the game does provide you with alternative goals besides getting to that other level. The game’s unique reputation and title system is the alternative “goal setting” game system that would encourage you to strive for that higher level. Who’d want to play the game with a title “Q-world’s shrimp” hanging over your character’s head forever right?

Of course titles alone won’t make you try on reaching levels so and so. That’s why Cubizone encourages you more to reach those goals through rewards you get as you reach per title or attaining a certain reputation within the game. Q-World gives you rare items as you attain a title, rank or reputation in-game. Q-World’s title’s not only make you look cool as you strut your stuff in-game but also provides you something you can actually use.

All in all, Q-World with its ton of features still feels too generic as an MMO. It’s true that the game has a lot of features other games do not, but the game feels too familiar. If you do like MMOs where you have to do lots of tasks with the Chinese/oriental feel then this game is for you. However, if you are after something different rather than something familiar, you are better off with other games.

– The game offers alternative goals
– Buffs found outside of towns help new players
– Auto-walk system is one of the most convenient system the game has

– The game is too straightforward that it can be boring
– The game’s FAQ is empty
– Even with the numerous game system the game feels too generic

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