RaceWarKingdoms is a text based game, play online with hundreds, (or) thousands of other people.

Graphics : The monster graphics are cool, but it is a text based game, so their isn’t much graphics to it. 4/10 (Only because it at as some graphics)

Sound I love the sound of my keyboard when typing and mouse clicking (No sound or music)

Players Looking for a good community, well, this isn’t the game for you. The players are rude , won’t go into details (Watch out from being scammed) 2/10

Gameplay Well, it’s a *click click click click* game, it does get boring after awhile, not much to it, you can craft, although that costs a lot of gold to do, so its pretty much useless 4/10

Kingdoms This is my favorite part of the game, although not much strategy into it, you fight monsters to get gold, then you can buy better fortification or more armies for your kingdom (5/10)
Overall Great if your bored, but not much to it, the players I find are rude (Don’t bother asking questions, you well be flamed) it isn’t anything special.

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