Racing Star: Come On Baby! Review: The More Absurd The Better

Racing Star: Come On Baby! Review: The More Absurd The Better
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


If you’re into hardcore racing games, this game probably isn’t for you. Racing Star: Come on Baby is a MMO Racing Game that features babies who look more absurd than cute. The cars in the game are more cartoonish than realistic, which shouldn’t be a surprise since we’re talking about babies here. The in game vehicles revolve around running rhinos, box-type cars and other crazy vehicles.


Racing Star is a casual game that lets you pick a room to compete with various players. If you are familiar with games like Krazy Kart and Gunbound, the game respects and uses the same matchmaking feature. This makes it easier for players to challenge each other easily.


Starting up

Much like any other MMO, you’ll be asked to create your character before logging in. The character customization features are rather limited and you will be forced to pick between pre made babies from different countries upon starting the game. Babies also have their own pre made stats, which states their efficiency towards certain fields. After naming your baby, you’re all set. It’s a bit of a drag since most players demand a diverse character creation interface. I know we’re supposed to be focused on the vehicles here but it’s not like they’re driving Porsches right?


Racing Cute Wagons

Racing in bizarre cute wagons with silly characters


Yep, definitely an MMO

Your baby levels up as you race with other players, although unlike regular MMOs, levels are separated via ranks namely A-E in their specific bracket (Newbie, Pro, etc.). It’s actually refreshing to see a new form of level after playing countless MMOs. I guess I just didn’t expect to find it here.


Come on baby! Race like you’ve never raced before!

One thing about Racing Star is its impressive set of game modes that will keep players racing like crazy. Aside from the practice mode which lets players learn the in game controls, you can also play in single player mode, which lets you dash through the various courses of the game without having to worry about being overtaken. It’s a good way to learn the game, especially since most racing simulators have it. When you think that you’re ready, then it’s time to battle it out with other players online.


As I said, you can either join or create new rooms in order to challenge other players online. Experience points and in game money are acquired by participating so you might want to get started soon. Up to eight players can join a race in progress. You can disable a few slots for a tighter battle between specific racers, giving you a good dogfight experience to the finish line.


Not the peaceful type

If you’ve played games like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing, you’ll be quite familiar with the in game controls and item usage. Just because you’ve successfully overtaken another player doesn’t guarantee you a spot until you’ve witnessed his rage. Racing Star babies have cannons planted within their carts, allowing them to shoot you back to last place if you’re not careful. They can also pick up items as well as reserve them in order to gain the upper hand. It’s a very old feature, and may I say that I’ve missed it a lot. Thanks Racing Star.


War Paint Racing Star

Wear your war paints for this game


Baby Licenses? Cute…

Once you earn enough experience points to level your baby to a certain extent, you will need to participate in a license exam to test your skills. Once you pass the exam, you’ll gain access to more features. Kind of reminds me of Gran Turismo and Grid. It’s a huge grind to make, but it definitely makes it a lot more fun. Baby licenses, sheesh! What will they think up next? There are various licenses in the game which you must satisfy in order to level further. A bit challenging but if you could take the Ragnarok class tests, then this will definitely be a piece of cake.


Item and Medal Shops

The item mall is the best place to get something to personalize your character with. Aside from a hefty selection of gear and costumes, you can also buy emoticons to make the experience worthwhile. The items in the item shop can be purchased through in game cash (corn) and real money. Some of them have certain effects that can affect your game play (in a good manner) so choose wisely. As for the Medal shop, medals are acquired throughout the tracks in the game. These medals can be used to purchase certain items that can aid you in your “race-capades”. Keep a sharp eye out for those medals, because you’ll need them.



The graphics are pretty much your average everyday MMO graphics. Most of the elements look pixilated but quite acceptable since your eyes need to be locked on the road to avoid sudden drifts to kingdom come. The racers look a lot like their featured artworks (in the character selection screen) so, no problem there. All in all, I’d say the graphics are pretty amazing. Pretty normal, but definitely amazing.


The verdict

For an annoying baby game, Racing Stars: Come On Baby! does have a lot to show. It has a variety of awesome game modes as well as a bunch of combat features that will ensure a breathtaking dogfight between players. The visuals are pretty good and can be run with low-end computers, allowing it to build up its community of gamers online. So far, if I didn’t hate their faces so much, it would’ve been a dream game LOL.


The Good:
– Modes of gameplay
– Licenses
– Item mall
– Fun to play

The Bad:
– Annoying characters
– Bad character customization field (complete lack of it)
– Graphics may need to be tweaked
– Lack of items to buy.

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