Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Server review

by Rick Charbs, Onrpg writer

Ragnarok Online is now available for free! Released on the 25th of September, Ragnarok Online Valkyrie has undergone many patches and updates. This special Valkyrie server does have its weak points, but overall it is a great compensation, if you cannot afford the premium server. Ragnarok online is my absolute favourite MMORPG of all time, however I will not be going into details on the gameplay aspect as much as this server’s new details. You can locate full Ragnarok Online review here.

The Valkyrie server has several restrictions one player must abide with. Firstly, the server rates for experience and monster drops are the original 1x; however premium users now have 1.25x exp. Valkyrie players will only be able to sell items for 75% default price, and they will lose an additional 2% exp upon death (3% as opposed to the 1% premium users lose). The teleport skill will cost 100sp, 90sp over the original cost. Kafra warps are very limited in the server, only being available in a few key towns such as Juno and Prontera. Quest rewards only amount to 75% the original amount in exp, and the item mall offers special prices for Valkyrie users, being more expensive than a premium user’s cost. There are no safe upgrade limits on your items, usually being a minimum of +4 on the premium server, and most items in shops cost a great deal more in zeny. Three monster cards have been removed from the game due to their bonus effects that include adding the teleport and heal skill to your arsenal: the creamy card, the deviling card, and the vitata card.

Despite this large chunk of limitations, iRO Valkyrie is still a great gaming experience on its own. No other players will have an advantage over you, seeing as both premium users and free users are completely separated in different game worlds. There is already a large growing community in the server and everyone is kind and helpful- seriously. The repeatable EXP quests are an easy way to bring your character to the top, and the iRO team keep giving perks to free users such as added teleport NPCs and such. They will listen to your input if you give them a shout and let them know some feedback. Ragnarok Online features so many class choices that every experience in game is a new one. You will have an endless choice of skills and stats to pick from, completely customising your character to your likeness. The Valkyrie server adds a whole new outlook on the game for players unable to pay to play this wonderful MMO. No more need for the short term trial; you have a server loaded with new Ragnarok players sharing their experience together. If you really like the game afterwards, and have the means to pay for it, you will not be disappointed! I sincerely suggest you give this one a shot.

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