Rappelz Review: The Dragonic Age

By Kei Beneza (Dividelife), Onrpg writer
Since most f2p games generalize on level grinding, Rappelz wouldn’t disappoint you one bit. The visuals are stunning and would probably be one of the first things to catch your attention. Grinding is what makes this game go since you pretty much have to grind for everything. Now this may seem like a total let down, but do know that a majority of people prefer this style of MMO gaming. The characters all look good (and I’m not referring to the graphics), with their radical hairdo and divine looking armor. Rappelz has been catering its MMO goodness for quite some time now. It would seem that this game is quite popular and it’s not about to die any time soon. So… let us take a closer look shall we?

Races and Classes

“Deva Kn–” “Oh don’t worry man… we know :))”
Unlike other MMOs, races in the game have a rather ‘pinpointed’ role. Everyone in a particular race starts out with the race’s default class. This is pretty much referred to as the newbie class. Your role in the game can only be defined by which race you choose. It’s not really about a certain race having their own specialty, but rather their own unique features. Deva, for example are the only ones who can have a tanking class while the Asura gets to have rogue-ish abilities like “deep evasion” and offensive damage. It’s a bit messed up although it doesn’t serve as a problem whatsoever. More classes are revealed as you progress throughout the game, giving you more options for your character to mold into.
Character customization is rather poor in terms of aesthetics since you don’t get that many options to choose from. The serious lack of clothing is also an issue although their default fashion sense and funky hairstyles look good enough for people to not mind it.
There’s also a serious lack of information in the character selection screen which makes it pretty hard to determine your character’s future. The small details on what they specialize on however makes up for it. It may be rather harsh for newbies to not know what they are getting to, although it’s nothing a bit of research wont fix (the class descriptions ARE featured in their website after all). 

Oooh! Shiny!

Another thing thats quite appealing would be the game’s dazzling skills. I don’t know about you but it IS quite hard for me to resist shiny spells, and this game pretty much shines with a lot of those. The damage display is also rather amusing, especially since it’s quite rare for people to be satisfied with how criticals or damage numbers would come up. Despite the low variety of character aesthetics, seeing them in combat removes makes them rather invigorating. It wont really matter if you look like everyone else, just as long as you hit HARDER(or spark more LOL) than everyone else.
Now aside from the sparkling characters, the background isn’t bad at all. Most of the wastelands look scrumptious enough to level on, with monsters that complement the area’s ambiance.
The essence of customization: Lets make our toons strongah!
Though leveling may seem fun especially when you get to kill monsters to achieve it, Rappelz also gives you something else to farm for aside from experience points and in-game cash. Job points (JP) can also be acquired by killing these unruly creatures, which are used to buy skills (as well as skill upgrades) throughout the game. What kinda hurts would be the fact that you have to spend JP on levelling your Job level is well, which is quite necessary for your characters to advance. This alone makes it hard to make mistakes when leveling your character, making you plan in advance to whether you’re going to get a skill or increase your job level.
One thing that separates a character from the others is his/her gear. Rappelz also has a bunch of upgrades that will help compliment your character’s playstyle. 
“Cubes” are used to increase your desired feature. It’s pretty much an item that optimizes your equipment as well as your skills depending on what type of cube your character is using. These cubes can also be combined in order to create better cubes. If you’re worried about not getting one, might I say that you’ll be killing monsters throughout the game so the chances of you getting one is rather high.

Character’s best friend?

The pet system makes your characters rather competent, letting them adjust to their surroundings as they tame beasts to fit that certain area. Getting a hard hitting pet will greatly compliment your hard hitting warrior, making it faster to kill monsters thus increasing the amount of exp and jp you gain over time.
Mounts are attained rather early in this game compared to other MMO. This is a big plus for players since running around with a mount makes it easier for them to reach certain places without having to cry about mobs killing them along the way.     

Monstrous Clones

If there’s something I would want to rant on, it would probably be the game’s lack of monster models. Looking like someone else is bad enough but being killed by a monster who looks like its low-leveled kin makes it darn annoying. I recall leveling around with my twins, constantly bashing everything in my way when suddenly I was struck down by the same monster I was farming on for a couple of hours. It didn’t take me long to realize that the monster who killed me was called ‘Paradise lost’, who was a lot stronger compared to the bone ‘thingies’ that I was farming on.
Interesting features?
Rappelz is by far the only game (I may be exaggerating) that players OWN a certain dungeon– yes thats right… you can OWN your very own dungeon!. If a guild beats the time attack record upon completing a certain dungeon (provided that they killed all the bosses and the guild who owns it), that guild will be crowned as the new owners of the once instanced (non-persistent) dungeon.
Owning a dungeon allows you to tax people who use it. It is pretty slick, especially if all the alpha players are in one guild… now that’s an age of tyranny! LOL

The Verdict

If I were to judge this game, I’d say its pretty good. Grinding is a total bore at times but this game really made me look at things through a whole new perspective. The game lacks a variety of stuff like character aesthetics and background music. Though this may seem like something to complain about, everything else pretty much justifies the problem. With a good community and a lot of possibilities, Rappelz is a must play MMO.
– Dungeon ownership
– Customizable guild emblems (fully customizable)
– Shiny spells
The Bad
– Utmost grinding for almost everything
– Lack of variety
– Lack of music

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