Red War Interview with GM Sumiscroxe

Questions by Rickee Charbonneau
Answered by GM Sumsicroxe

Onrpg: Seeing as you’ve so recently launched Red War: Edem’s Curse, what kind of feedback have you received directly from the player base regarding the game?
Players definitely agree that Red War has some great PvP action! Players have also commented on the ease of levelling in PvE if you truly take advantage of all the experience bonuses in the game.

Onrpg: Could you please explain the meaning of the title: “Red War: Edems Curse“?
The players are the Edem and their curse is the eternal war against the Mista in order to prevent evil from destroying their world.

Onrpg: Do you believe the isometric point of view really compliments this game? If so, how does it play its part in the ensemble of the game?
I love the isometric view in Red War.  It really brings back a sense of nostalgia of a good old dungeon crawler game.

Onrpg: You’ve recently updated Red War with some higher level content. Tell us a little bit about this update.
We just recently added Iris Temple, the third city.  We also added the newest set of maps for players who are Level 71 and above which can drop the new rank “A” gear.

Mummy King

Onrpg: A gamble-esque system, Monster Race, is one of the unique features of this game. Is it any popular? What are the benefits and rewards of the Monster Races?
There are always people at the track trying to make it big.  It’s a good distraction from the grind and if you play the odds you can walk away with some serious gold.

Onrpg: Honour seems to be a unique way to class players. Could you offer us a little bit of information on this small system?
Honour is gained when players kill monsters and it is lost when a player kills other players or gets killed by a monster.  The higher your honor the less likely you are to drop items when you die.  A person with perfect honor will not drop any items when they die.

Onrpg: Could you enlighten Onrpg a little on “Red War”, the game’s most prominent feature?
During the Red War tournaments the player’s character is set to level 80.  They get access to most of their skills and 110 stat points to distribute.  After 5 minutes, the players are put into teams at random and fight it out until one team reaches the kill target first.  The winning team gets increased experience points for 2 hours and a chance to kill a boss for even more goodies.

Onrpg: Red War is definitely very PvP oriented. Considering this, do you plan on balancing things out to make the game more versatile for PvE players?
We just recently added a new party system so that PvE players can tailor their parties to suit their needs.  We’re also developing new skills that should help PvE players and PvP players at the same time.

Olympus Arena

Onrpg: Do you plan on taking action in the customization field? Will players be able to look unique even though there are only three character classes available in-game?
This is one of the major issues we are focusing on.  One way to solve this is that we’re going to be creating new types of armour so that players can start looking different.  Armour of the same tier will drop with different color schemes.

Onrpg: Could you offer us a little information of the clone feature? Do you deem this feature essential to the game?
Clones provide a way for players to vend items they find out in the field while they level their main character.  While this is very useful in and of itself we’re considering making clones an additional controllable combat character for players in the future.

Onrpg: I was pretty impressed by the learning curve and the way Uforia treats newbie characters in-game! Since you seem to take interest in newcomers, how would you rate the importance of new players to the game?
New players are always welcome.  One of the great things about Red war is the Red War Tournaments which let players as low as level 20 fight side-by-side with high level players and truly learn their class early in the game.

Onrpg: What are the benefits to the mentoring system? How does this system work?
The mentoring system is a community building feature with benefits.  The Mentor gets an increase in experience points for every student online and the students get increased experience points while their mentor is online.  Mentors also get rewards when their students reach certain levelling milestones, so everyone is encouraged to help each other out.

Onrpg: What makes Red War’s castle sieges different from other MMOs with large scale PvP systems?
Players are pitted against each other while they have to attack key points in the castle and defend against strong guardian monsters.  Timing and strategy is crucial.  The winning guild gets free access to a special dungeon that other players have to pay gold to enter.  That gold, of course, goes to the controlling guild.

Onrpg: How would you say the gameplay style of Red War is better than most MMOs out there?
Red War’s gameplay is a lot tighter than the other isometric MMORPG games out there.  The skills are grand and the PvP is epic.

Arena Merchants

Onrpg: What are some of the events you are currently running, both in-game and on the boards?
We tend to have GM run events throughout the week.  We are constantly creating new events to keep everything fresh.  And once a month we have U-day which is an event-packed day surrounded by a week of increased experience points, themed invasions, and limited edition gear. We also have a forum-based event every two weeks that showcases themed screenshots or videos.  Red War also uses social media like Twitter to inform gamers of specific event details and gives players sneak peeks into future events.

Onrpg: What updates and upgrades do you have in-store for the near future of this MMO?
We’re going to be adding new maps, new items, new systems, and new skills.  Red War is in a constant state of change and every week brings something new for the players.   It’s really great when every week I’m asked by players if anything new is going to be added and I can always tell them yes. This constant change really keeps up the excitement about the game. 

Onrpg: Thank you for your time!

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