Red War Review: Edem’s Curse

Red War: Edem’s Curse Review

Rickee Charbonneau

Red War: Edem’s Curse is an MMORPG very recently published by Uforia. This MMORPG is one of the few new online games that make use of the isometric point of view, taking gamers back to the classic days of gaming. It is backed up with a pretty interesting storyline, involving quarrels between the Meltya and the dark Quelian forces. Receiving tons of positive feedback, this revolutionized dungeon crawler attracts a great deal of players despite its severe lack in player customization. This game also features daily tournaments that are solely based on player skill and not equipment values and character levels. In the 2D game world, this is the equivalent in the MMORPG entitled Wind Slayer (which is reputed for its elaborate PVP systems).

General Gameplay

Unfortunately, I was not very captivated by this MMORPG. It was rather bland in my opinion, and I could not help but wonder how there were so many people online. That was far past my mind. As I entered the game, I was given a choice to create a character from one of three classes. Of course, there is absolutely no customization involved, so that basically states that there are three default characters running around the game x1000. That’s right: everybody looks the same!

My adventures were undertaken as an archer, one of my favourite class types, and I will admit that they did a pretty good job with this class. On the other hand, they are a little bit overpowered in comparison with the mages, as everyone must grind for skill books in order to cast spells and the like. I was pretty lucky in finding them, but it surely sounded like a hassle to me. The warrior class was of no interest to me, although for this genre of MMO, they averagely fit the part.

Starting off as a newbie was a piece of cake. I was expecting a tutorial or a quick intro, but I was left with the playfield and no guidance whatsoever. Luckily enough, all characters start off with a ton of newbie potions and some basic armor to keep you going. The learning curve is next to nothing, so you will get the hang of this game pretty instantly.

Red War has two unique features. Firstly is the PvP arena, “Red War”. Yes, I am completely aware that this is the most original title they could come by for their PvP arena. I suppose they really wanted to bring attention to this feature, which only makes sense to me as it is actually quite fun! This event happens three times daily, and anyone is able to join so long as they are level 20 or higher, and are able to pay the hefty 200,000 GP entrance fee. Once a player enters this arena, their character is levelled to 80, offering them access to the game’s most powerful spells and skills. Once that is covered, you are randomly placed into one of two teams. Your goal is to kill as many players on the opposing team. If the team you are placed on has the highest amount of kills once the timer is up, you are given the opportunity to fight the Chaotic Dragon, a powerful monster in the game. This is a fun way to conduct PVP matches, as everyone can participate equally so long as they’ve reached level 20. There is no unbalanced fighting; everything is fair. I am no fan of PVP, but I enjoyed the team aspect of this fighting. It felt like a huge war!

Red War Combat

The second feature I would like to explain is the clone feature. It is pretty simple: players are able to create a clone of their character (as if there are not enough clones of each character running around without this feature…) to do simple tasks while they are busy with quests and PVP. I have not tried this feature out for myself, but it seems like a very unique approach on gaming.

Graphics and Sound

I will have to admit that I was not impressed by either of these aspects of Red War. They are both extremely outdated and below average. We have seen so many great games so far this year, and this just puts that streak to shame. The background music is revolting (and can be easily replaced by one’s own music library), and the environments and maps are linear and bland. However, I did enjoy the classic style the game put on. I was able to look past the graphical disaster as it was acceptable for the “old” style of the game. If you are one to enjoy graphics, stick to Atlantica, Sword of the New World, or another hit from these past years. You will not be able to stand this game if you are the least bit judgmental on that aspect of things.

Personal Recommendation

I personally did not find this MMORPG enjoyable. I only really enjoyed the PVP aspect of Red War and for someone that generally dislikes PVP that means there was not much for me to do in this game. In fact, there was pretty much nothing. I will give Uforia the benefit of the doubt and hope for great future updates, but until then I will not be going anywhere near this game. There is a severe lack in content such as skills, monsters, maps to train on, quests, and all around features to tinker with.

There is something promising about this MMORPG, to look on the brighter side of things. The style is really action based and really requires some amount of skill to play. One could think of this game as a faster passed Red Stone or MU Online.

Coral Coast in Red War

Without a doubt, I would have to recommend this MMORPG to MMORPG gamers who like the isometric view, do not mind games with no customization and few character classes, and love PVP. I know this combination of interests may be rare, but if those things are in your list, you cannot miss with this game. Especially if they decide to update the game when the open beta is over! Happy Gaming

– Faster paced game
– No learning curve
– Pretty large community
– Great PVP!!

– Linear as a game can get
– No customization
– Bland sounds and outdated graphics.

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