Rend Reveals Early Access Development Roadmap from Frostkeep Studios

Rend - Artifact Armour Sets_Tiers (New)

Rend has been in Early Access for two months now, and Frostkeep Studios have been continually making tweaks to the game, based on the community’s feedback. Frostkeep revealed in a recent blogpost their roadmap for the Fall and Winter, leading into 2019. The following points are on that roadmap, which can be found at this link:

  • Comprehensive Combat Improvements:  Tightening up gunplay is key to make it feel more like modern shooters. They also wish to adjust biomes to make them feel more full and challenging.
  • Streamlined Features: An overhaul for a host of game aspects (crafting, storage and more) to make it more accessible for all levels of player.
  • Legendary Artifacts: Epic items from the Norse mythos can definitely shift the balance of power within a saga.
  • Dynamic Siege Combat: Raiding faction strongholds needs to be engaging and exciting. Siege weapons are also on the way, like catapults.
  • Refined Social Mechanics: Decision-making should go from the Elders to the faction, via permission requests and voting. They also want to mitigate griefing via forcefields that repel players to faction stronghold doorways.
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