Review by Fieren

The Lowdown :

Pirate king online. PIRATES! How could you do any wrong with them swashbuckling drunk buccaneers that jacked ships GTA style? Turns out theres a lot you can do a lot wrong.

Graphics 7/10: Not much to say. Not too bad, yet not too good. They could have put more into the background and character detail. Landscapes look boring and… boring.

Gameplay 6/10: This is what really dissapointed me. This game is another fresh from the East grindfest. Not much excitement in the quests. Most of the quests you either deliver goods from one NPC to another, or do the ever monotonous “Go outside and kill me about ___ of those _____’s.” Some of the quests tell you to find another NPC for work. Problem is, they just tell you the NPC’s general location, and thats it. They dont even tell you the coordinates for the monsters. Its best to keep the mainsite minimized, since coordinates of certain monsters are on there. It’s a crying shame since the game had a nice variety of skills and doodads. You have a choice of nice weapons to expert in, there are 4 types of kooky characters, you get a ship later on (Which you grind in, oh joy!), and the whole Pirate idea was a good idea.

Sound: 8/10 A nice assortment of “piratey” music. It was a little bugged last time but im sure they fixed it by now.

Overall 7/10: This game had so much potential. Pirates, ships, hairstyles. Really hope they improve this game with a big patch later on. Maybe a Pirate King Online II? Call this review biased, it’s alright with me. (Reviewed by Fieren)

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