Review: Windslayer Relies on PVP

Review: Windslayer Relies on PVP
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Wind Slayer is a side scrolling 2d MMORPG that shares many of the same features as LaTale and Maple Story. Although the game is good and has much to offer, it was often dismissed as a carbon copy of other 2D side-scrollers. That, by the way, is not a valid claim as it is the same as hating a certain game for belonging in a certain Genre. It really can’t be a side-scroller if it doesn’t walk on a side scrolling screen right? Anyway, the game is pretty amazing and is far from being the random clone I’ve heard about.


The Basics

Character creation is a breeze in Wind Slayer; perhaps one of the simplest forms of character creation in my MMO career including browser games. You’ll first be prompted to name you character, after which you’ll be choosing from an array of preset hairdos, faces, and upper and lower wardrobe. After attaining a character worthy of your stature, you’ll be assigning points to further define your character’s efficiency in whatever he’s destined for through a simple stat system that consists of 4 stats (STR, INT, DEX, and SPR). After satisfying the character requirements, you’re up and ready to go.




Character classes are enabled after your character reaches a certain level, he must then pick the last option that will eventually lead him to what he’s destined to be. There are six classes overall: Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Mage, Monk, and Priest. In my opinion, the stat system doesn’t do much as far as character archetypes are concerned due to the stereotypical builds each class promotes. There will always be an ideal stat that you must spend on in order to make your character less noobish, and failure to comply will only make your character weaker than your counterparts (well done being unique… you suck).


The general gameplay

As I have said, Wind Slayer belongs in the 2d side-scrolling category, meaning players will be embarking on stages (or levels) that only go left and right (unless there are platforms where you can jump on). The gameplay is fairly easy and can be played by gamers of all ages. There have been some complaints regarding the character controls, which most gamers found awkward. I myself had no problems with the button layout but I guess it’s all about preferences. Much like any other MMORPG, you’ll be venturing into certain areas to kill monsters. The game is very easy especially for long ranged characters who can just kill without having to take damage (depending on their damage output, of course). Your skills are easily accessible through the number keys on your keyboard and allow you to random bolts the same way you would in most MMOs.





PVP actually plays a huge role in this game as it allows players to gather an ingame currency used to purchase certain items that are stronger than the rest. You can say that the care bears (PVP Haters) of the MMO industry will have a bit of a problem gearing up unless they pick up a pair of balls to go PVP. The PVP system is actually pretty cool. Players are assigned to a specific team and must duel with another team in a side scrolling non turn-based death match. Some modes also allow you to tweak your character’s strength and abilities to match your opponents’ level (BIG WTF on my side). If you loved doing PVE, then I guarantee that the game’s PVP feature is sure to make you happy.


Quests and dungeons

Yeah, what would an MMO be without these two mutha fluffers? First of all, yes the game does have quests which are also easier to satisfy as you’re not running around in a 3d world without a compass. Quests allow you to level faster, and with the grinding involved makes you level a lot faster (at least until you go near the end game levels). For PVE lovers out there, the game also has dungeons/caves (or whatever you call them) complete with bosses. There’s no doubt that bosses make MMOs rock as nothing beats the justice of having to emerge victorious after 15 minutes of “GRAAAAAH!” and “SWOOOSH!”. The game does have an array of upcoming features so it’s best not to judge it so quickly.




Graphics and sounds

The graphics are… well… 2D. A bit like Maple Story and LaTale but what else can you expect from a 2d game? If you’re going to say that this is just a clone then let’s all sue all the MMOs for being so much like pen and paper RPGs. The characters are okay but definitely need a few more frames of animation. The background is steady and does look nice aside from the repetitive layouts but what we have here is an inferior 2D layout compared to its predecessors. They look extremely raw and can be “out-framerated” by most flash games. The ingame music is conservatively cute, ideal for a game that features cutesy characters whacking monsters across the map. No epic orchestral background music here folks, cause’ that’s just out of place.


The verdict

Wind Slayer is a nice game overall. I’m not saying its extremely good or anything as it has so little to offer that’s that different from its counterparts. Still… it’s quite harsh to consider it as a clone for being another 2D side-scroller. The PVE experience was normal, as expected from another MMO. You’ll be killing monsters, doing quests, and buying items much like its MMO brethren. The PVP mode however is exceptional. If you’ve played Warhammer Online, then you’ll understand why PVP is such a big factor in this game. People may actually grind PVP more than the game’s PVE features. I mean, who could blame them? It’s like having a casual game inside a not so casual game. The visuals could use a bit of tweaking, but it’s not like we can do anything about it now. One thing though, if you like 2D side-scrolling then you better go ahead and try this one. It’s free so what have you got to lose?


The good:
– Community
– PVP!!!
– Easy to get used to.


The bad:
– Repetitive gameplay (gets tiring)
– Visuals aren’t that good for a 2d game
– Lag.

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