Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Introduces Timeline-Driven MP Battles

Rising Storm 2 - MP Campaign

Possibly the biggest multiplayer update to date is going live today in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, with the “Multiplayer Campaign”. This mode is a 64-player Campaign Mode that tasks players with deciding the fate of the war in Vietnam. Choose between Northern or Southern forces and fight for control of key territories from 1965 through 1975 with available forces and weaponry varying depending on the year. There is also a brand-new player-made map from the modding community, known as “Highway 14”.

Highway 14: One of the winners from the Rising Storm 2: Vietnam $40,000 Modding Contest, this massive map finds the US Army fighting along a highway through difficult terrain, clearing objectives while NFL guerrilla forces work to stop them at every opportunity.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam MP Campaign key features include:
  • Full 64-Player Campaign Mode
  • Choose your side: Take control of Northern or Southern forces, battling for control region by region
  • Fight from 1965 through 1975 with different forces and weaponry available to each side as time progresses
  • Select regions to compete for, the army to use, and the map to fight over
  • Northern forces can make strategic use of the Ho Chi Minh Trail option to bring stronger People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) forces to bear
  • Southern forces can respond with carefully timed use of the Search and Destroy option
  • Added Variety: Fight over classic maps with new armies, different Commander abilities and weapons, and different attackers and variety
  • Help decide the fate of the Vietnam war!
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