ROSE Online review: Seven Planets, One Hero

ROSE Online review: Seven Planets, One Hero
Written by Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa), OnRPG Journalist


R.O.S.E. Online (Rush On Seven Episodes) is a wonderful and thoughtful name for an MMORPG and it seems as if the developers have done more than just creating a good name. ROSE Online was one of the first MMOs with a large number of features and a thoughtful storyline. The gaming community absolutely loved it and ROSE Online was a very successful P2P MMORPG, but things went downhill after a while. MMO companies decided to release free games with a huge scale of features and ROSE Online started to fade away and it eventually became a F2P MMORPG with a decent amount of players but the original game was gone.


Nowadays, many players aren’t even aware of the origin of the name of the game and the real meaning of it. After a lot of research I finally got in touch with a ROSE online expert and he told me the story of ROSE Online…


Gods, heroes and planets

Rush On Seven Episodes is a very unique name. It is actually connected to the storyline of the game. I’ll try to explain the storyline in a nutshell: ROSE Online consists of seven vast planets, once created by the Goddess Arua. All seven planets had their own God or Goddess. Unfortunately, Hebarn, God of the planet Hebarn, kept threatening Arua. Junon, God of Junon, decided to protect Arua from Hebarn, but he couldn’t handle it alone. He decided to recruit certain heroes to help him fight against Hebarn’s army. These ‘heroes’ are the players of ROSE Online. It’s a wonderful storyline, which doesn’t find its roots in one of those Chinese legends, but giving the Gods and Goddesses the same names as their planets is a bit lazy.


Rose Online Character Creation
Character Creation


Original, but not unique

Enough about the storyline, let us take a look at the game play. The character creation of the game is really basic. You have the option to pick a gender, one of the twelve faces and one of the few hairstyles. Please keep in mind that the game is pretty old and therefore its character creation is not half bad. On top of that, its character customization is pretty advanced. There are hundreds of different clothing choices and they all look amazing! From bamboo sticks to pirate hats: The wide variety of equipment is impressive.


Rose Online Customizable Character
Amazing character customization 


The combat of ROSE Online is pretty nifty. There are a lot of skills to master, there are many different opponents with different abilities to battle and the skill effects are wonderful. But the combat does have some flaws, for example the point and click system of the game. The game does not offer WASD movement, which makes walking in general really dreary. On top of that, there is no real action involved in battles. You just click on a monster and push a button afterwards, just like in 80% of the currently released MMORPGs.


However, the original classes make up for that. You start off as a Visitor, the usual ‘beginner’ class. After reaching level 10, you can become a Muse (the magic class), a Hawker (Rangers or Assassins), a Dealer (Gunners or 2-handed melees) or a Soldier (the melee class). These classes will have the ability to advance at level 100 into one of the two available classes.


Level 100 might sound a bit far away and I actually can’t say differently. The grind of the game starts early and it can be very disappointing to many players. Do not get me wrong, the grind is not horrible and it is not that hard to level, but the point and click system makes it very dull.


Robots, carts, factions and clans

As I said in the introduction of this review, ROSE Online offers its players a nice amount of features. One of my favorites is the ”Tuning System”. The Tuning System is just a trendy definition to define the ways of transportation in ROSE Online. There are three ways to transport your character: Castle Gear, Carts and the Flying Vessel. The Flying Vessel is just a ship, which can be used to move to a different planet. Castle Gears and Carts, however, can be obtained by collecting certain items and/or doing certain quests. It is hard to obtain them, but once you got them you will have the time of your life! Riding around in a cart is just fascinating. You will be able to travel much faster and you can enjoy the scenery at the same time!


ROSE Online Carts 


The Player versus Player features of the game are stunning. There are the regular PvP and Clan versus Clan battles, but there is more than that. You can participate in Open PvP matches or set off to the Training Grounds to become a skilled PvP’er!


Believe it or not, ROSE Online has even more to offer. The ‘Faction’ feature is my favorite and probably the most complicated feature of the game. Gravity Interactive managed to describe the feature very well, so here we go:


“Factions differ from Clans because the faction community is controlled by NPCs rather than by the users. By joining factions, users can participate in various quests which drive the stories of the 7 planets. Every faction has a certain extent of authority on economy, politics, public orders, magic, arts and religion. Each faction has its own alliances and hostilities, and different events can occur as a result of the complexity of the relationships between factions.”
— Source: Rose Online’s Website


That sounds marvelous, doesn’t it?


Rose Online Warrior 



ROSE Online might be a bit old, but it is certainly not outdated. The game has managed to survive through all these years and that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t an excellent game. The graphics are cute, the customization is brilliant and the features are amazing, but the low population, the point and click combat and the lack of WASD cannot be ignored. The game is definitely worth a try and you will be received with open arms into the nice community, but do not expect too much of this game.


– Wonderful features
– Beautiful scenery
– Cute graphics
– Flashy skills
– Original classes
– Great PvP


– Tedious grind
– Point and click combat
– Low population 

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