Runescape II Beta

This is only for the beta…
I haven’t played the beta 100%, but it was hella-fun!

Graphics – 4/5
Whoa, big change, WAAY better graphics, and trust me, way better

Gameplay – 3/5
Still had it’s highs lows, not much of a change here!

Plot – 2/5
Ok, it’s an MMORPG, so what’d you expect?

Players – 4/5
Lots of poeple playing, and lots of kind poeple, and now, poeple are making guilds and clans!

Menu – 3/5
It was better than the old one, but gets a little confusing, and bulky

Changes – 4/5
Lots of good changes, I’d say great changes, but the battlesystem, they didn’t make it any faster!

Total – 20/30

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