Savage 2 Review: Wars Between Races

By Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa), Onrpg journalist
Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is a great multiplayer game made by the company “S2 Games”. Savage 2 is a mix of RPG (Role Playing Game) + RTS (Real Time Strategy) + FPS (First-Person Shooter).  The game is mainly fantasy themed, but there are also quite some elements that show us a some science-fiction. Savage 2 offers us a great variety of classes and great wars between races.  The game has been made Free to Play in December 2008. You will have the possibility for a one-time subscription for a premium account, though.


The mix of RPG, RTS and FPS is very noticeable when you start the game. The game is instance based. This means that there is no free world you can walk in; You will have to join a room to be able to get in the game and fight. The combat of the game is not very easy to master. The combat is really action based, which means that you don’t have time to eat out of your nose. Battles are direct and you will have to take advantage of the class you’ve picked. It will be really annoying if you don’t know what to do.
Apart from the classes and races, there is one special title; The Commander. The Commander can be seen as a God; You practically have power to buff your allies and debuff your enemies. A Commander views the game from above; He will not be able to fight himself, but the can help his allies by telling them where the enemy is and by building towers and lairs.

Classes and Races

The most confusing part of the game; The races and classes. The game offers us two races; “The Legion of Man” and “The Beast Horde”. You’ll be able to choose one of them whenever you enter a room. You will also be able to change your race whenever you want. These two races have to fight against each other. You practically team up with some other players who have joined the same race and when there are enough players, you will be able to enter the game and choose a class.
Each race has seven classes with different spells and stats. There are also three special classes which are obtainable by both races. The requirement for these special classes is to have a Hell Shrine.
Let me explain all the classes briefly:
Human classes:
Builder – The name says everything already. The builder is the building class of the game. They are able to build buildings, but they also have the ability to protect and repair the current buildings. They carry a hammer, but they also have two guns which allows them to shoot opponents from a distance.
Scout/Marksman – This class specializes in quick attacks and hiding. It is a very fast class which is mostly used to get into the enemies’ lair to destroy their buildings. They carry a dagger, but they also have a crossbow and an overpowered bow.
Savage – They are the warriors of the human race. They are experts in keeping the enemy away. They can also be used as a shield to keep the enemies away from the scouts. They carry two blades, but they also have a machine gun and a rifle.
Legionnaire – The strongest warriors of the human race. They have decent defense and a high amount of health. They can finish their opponents quickly, but this class also requires a small fee before it can be used. They carry a huge axe, but they also have a grenade launcher and a rocket launcher.  This class is really overpowered in my opinion. They can do so much harm without dieing.
Chaplain – This is the only magical class of the human race. They have the ability to heal and resurrect and they also have an offensive spell, but this is a pretty weak spell. The only weapon they have is a staff.  Chaplain is the weakest class of the human race. They can’t deal severe damage and their defense and health is also very low.
Steambuchet & Battering Ram – These two classes vehicles can be driven by paying an amount of money. They are mostly used to destroy the buildings of the enemy. They have a high amount of health and armor and they are also able to hit with very high damage.
Beast classes:
– The builders of the beast race. They have the ability to build and repair buildings, just like the builders of the human class, but they can also use magical attacks to hurt their foes or entangle them. They don’t have any weapon; They use their claws to deal damage.
Shapeshifter – One of the most amusing classes. They have magical attacks, but their greatest ability is the ability to polymorph. This basically means that they will turn into their enemy for a small time and then they will be able to sneak to the opponent’s lair to use the spell “Sacrifice” to deal severe damage to their lair.
Hunter – Practically the same as the Savage. They deal melee damage, but they also have some magical spells.
They use their claws to attack.
Predator – The magical legionnaire. They have magical attacks combined with buffs and curses.
They also use their claws to attack.
Shaman – This class mostly focuses on keeping his allies alive. It has many buffs, one healing spells and a resurrection spell. Their weapon is a huge hammer that doesn’t deal a lot of damage at all. This is probably the weakest class of the game.
Tempest & Behemoth – Huge demons with AoE (Area of Effect) spells to keep their enemies away. Their function is equal to the Steambuchet and Battering Ram.
Special classes:
Revenant, Devourer and Malphas –  These three demonic monsters are the special classes of the game. They can only be obtained by the team that has built the Hell Shrine. These classes have great defense, decent amount of health and they deal decent damage. The most used special class is the Malphas. They deal the highest damage of the three and they have effective fire spells. It is hard for the other team to destroy these special classes, because they are so overpowered. You have practically lost the game if you are not able to destroy these huge, disgusting monsters, because they will take your whole team out in a second.


The storyline of the game, which can be found on their website, tells us more about the game and its characters.
Even though the game is mostly action based, it is a good read and I would recommend you all to read it before playing the game; It makes things more understandable and you will enjoy the game even more!

Features and graphics

The graphics of the game are extraordinary; They are very detailed and colorful.  The best thing of the graphics is that they make the game very realistic and it almost feels like you are in the game. There is also blood in the game for the blood lovers under us. Since the game is instance based, there are practically no features; the game is no more than a fight between two races in four different maps… What else would you expect from a free game?

Personal opinion

I personally think that the game is one of the most challenging and amusing free MMOGs that exist. It is a good game to spend some time on and you will be busy for quite a while.
However, I think that there is a lack of content. There are only a few maps and you’ve seen everything of the game after a few matches. If they would only have added more things to do, then the game would be amazing…
– Great graphics
– Challenging combat
– Wide variety of classes
– Unique gameplay
– Lack of content

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