Savage Eden Review: Deities and Demons

Savage Eden Review: Deities and Demons
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), Onrpg Journalist


Savage Eden is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that’s set on a rather celestial background. With Deities and Demons (yeah, we don’t get those often) who could ever resist playing this game? Here you’ll get the chance to immerse yourself in an all out war between four primary races: Demon, Deity, Humans and Dragons (geez, who could ever resist war?). After encountering a bigger threat, all four races managed to coexist to eliminate the giant colossus that befell them. Will this alliance last forever? Or should we expect a war between five races instead? Let’s find out!

First impressions

Despite the low end graphics, I was really surprised about how the game managed to create the magnificent level designs. What makes it even more thrilling is that there are a lot of diverse areas in the game. It does get pretty tiring when you end up seeing the same thing over and over again, right? In this case, the diversity of areas immediately delivered some fine points for the game. Although the areas in the game might differ from the rest, the field lacks space in general. This means that you don’t really have to walk for minutes before reaching a certain point. Still, afraid that I might run out of things to kill, I was quite surprised about how fast the monsters spawn in this game. If that doesn’t solve the space problem for you, then I don’t know what will. The game is really dark (no, not the hue) in terms of designs. You’ll be seeing a lot of celestially evil items/areas as you lurk around. It’s not new I know, but do you mind? It’s another dark world for god’s sake. GO AND ENJOY IT!

Savage Eden Warriors


It’s quite rare for MMOs to have any other default weapon aside from bare fists. In this game however, guns are strongly implemented on the account that everyone uses them as their primary weapon. Each race has their own excellent sub weapons (whether it’d be axes, magic, or etc) that greatly compliments their usage. They also have their own specialties like jewel crafting, upgrades and even the ability to own a pet. Magic usage also depends on which race you pick so choose wisely.

The game runs on a stat based system that’s rather old and dated for most MMOs. Despite this fossilized way of leveling, nothing beats the old hardcore feeling of fully customizing your character to the last digit. You really can’t wield every weapon in the game, so make sure you choose your race and class carefully to further compliment your play style.

Spell Attack

Back to the old hardcore days: Is that even a good thing?

Much like Rappelz online, the game makes you decide where to spend your acquired points. It would have been less troublesome if they just had premade stats for each level instead. You’ll be opted to choose between stats and skills whenever you level up (which makes it rather hard to progress faster), which makes it rather dull since you’ll often disregard skill for stats (skills>stats, skills can be seen, stats are barely felt). This type of system encourages stereotypical builds that turn the entire game into a clone fest. It’s merely the incurable disease of stat based MMOs. Everyone would always want to copy the strongest one. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of the “Vit Knight” (vitality based knight) mentality back then in the early stages of Ragnarok online. Since vitality based knights prove to be the strongest back then, everyone just had to make one. That’s as bad as playing Street Fighter with a character selection screen that’s composed of nothing but Kens (It’s the plural of Ken LOL)!


One of the most outdated parts of this MMO would be its control scheme. The game uses the mouse for mobility and camera rotation. Aside from that, the keyboard will only be used for skills and other menu shortcuts like inventories, stat page and etc. You’d think they’re all over that click-fest by now, but I guess some games just don’t get it. It wouldn’t hurt to use WASD now would it?   

The Graphics

I could say that I have no gripes whatsoever regarding the game’s visuals. The characters look a lot like wow characters though, especially since they’re a bit cartoony at some point (and some of those pillars look mighty familiar to begin with). The game may not have the most up to date graphic engine, but they did manage to make the areas come to life. The characters also blend well with their surrounding as well. They key to beautiful graphics would be the harmony between each element, and this game is a good example of how well these harmony can be executed.

Dark Enigma

The Verdict

All in all, the game isn’t that horrible. It may lack a lot of modern tools but it’s quite enjoyable. The controls are really poor NOW, though we can’t deny the fact that we’ve played countless games with this control scheme before (and enjoyed it). The graphics are awesome and would still appeal to most MMO players today. Stat based games are quite rare today due to their not so “newbie friendly” system. I would say that the game will more or less encourage its players to clone each another until the perfect build has been found. It does look pretty stupid when everyone walks, talks, and acts the same way right? The racial specialization is a good idea in my opinion, since it promotes the usage of each race in the game.  I wouldn’t really recommend this game to anyone, though if you’re up to it, be my guest.

The Good:
-Visual Harmony (I have to say, they really projected each level well)
-Old school controls (for those who miss clicking around)
-Racial Specializations (At least they just don’t look different from one another)

The Bad:
-Old School controls (it’s not called evolution if it’s bad right? Pls stick with the meta)
-Stat builds (not newbie friendly and definitely the source of cloning)
-Grindy? (It’s all about preferences I guess.)

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