Secret of the Solstice Interview

Questions by Brian Perry Jr.
Answers from Alfred Austria, Secret of the Solstice Project Manager

Onrpg: What is Secret of Solstice about?
Secret of the Solstice is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the land of Xen. Players enter the game world following a dramatic series of events during which the powerful Solstice Sphere—a mysterious relic given to the king by the gods—was stolen during a tumultuous series of events. Meanwhile, monsters are terrorizing the once peaceful land. It is up to gamers to learn more about the Solstice Sphere, the source of the enemy forces and ultimately protect the land of Xen.

Onrpg: A lot of people have made claims, primarily based upon screenshots and videos, that Secret of Solstice is a clone of other popular 2D games. How would you say it differs from these other titles?
Perhaps the most unique aspect of Secret of the Solstice is our friendly and accessible team of Game Masters (GMs), who spend time in the game every day running dynamic and exciting events for players, answering their questions and just hanging out. When you combine this with more familiar RPG elements (tons of quests, deep skill trees, many levels and a compelling story) and an in-game store with a variety of premium items, the game becomes a pretty impressive package that really differs from what’s already out there.

Onrpg: Upon reading the official website one finds that SotS tries to do things that few other games attempt. Can you elaborate on what players can do to interact with the world?
The coolest thing players can do to directly interact with the world of Secret of the Solstice is by participating in the dynamic events run by our Game Masters. Some are smaller-scale daily events like quests or treasure hunts, while larger events can be epic battles—the outcome of which can actually affect the progression of the game’s storyline. We encourage everyone to check it out.

Onrpg: What classes are available for players to play, and is there any way to progress them to something more advanced through gameplay?
In Secret of the Solstice, players start out as a citizen of Xen (also called a Xenian). Characters start at level 1 and quickly move up, and at level 16 they can choose to join one of four guilds—Fighter, Mage, Rogue and Acolyte. This puts them on a path to progress further through the game, learning additional skills as they level up. Even more options are available at higher levels.

Onrpg: Is there any sort of crafting or trade skills available for players to spend their time on outside of killing monsters?
The game includes a smelting feature that lets players refine weapons and increase their power. Secret of the Solstice also includes a pet system, so players can feed and care for furry creatures—almost like Tamagotchi—that follow them around and offer benefits.

Onrpg: In the end, what is the ultimate goal that players are striving for?
The ultimate goal in Secret of the Solstice is for players discover the secrets of the Solstice Sphere and save the world! We’re building a great community around the game and hope players will make friends and have lots of fun along the way.

Onrpg: Is there any sort of Player vs. Player aspect to SotS?
Yes, players can currently battle one another in a special GM-run event we call “Solstice Survivor”—essentially a contest where the last person standing receives a prize. We’re working on some other PvP content and can’t say much about it right now, but stay tuned!

Onrpg: How often do GMs host in-game events for players, and what are some examples of some that have already been run?
As mentioned earlier, Game Masters host events in the game every day. “Solstice Survivor” is a popular PvP event; other events include different types of scavenger hunts, GM rescue missions and a GM Q&A session we call The Podium. During the holiday season we are holding some fun seasonal events including “Attack of the Santa X Clones” – players must stop the evil Santa X and get the real Santa’s bells back! We host as many events as possible and encourage all players to participate.

Onrpg: Is there any sort of rough schedule for when new content will be available for players?
Outspark is committed to releasing new content as often as possible, be it new items, maps, events and other cool stuff. We hope to do this on a monthly basis.

Onrpg: What sorts of items will players be able to purchase from the item mall?
There will be plenty of cool items available for purchase in the item store, including power-ups like potions and XP enhancers. We will also be selling costumes, emoticons and equipment including individual items and sets of gear—similar to what’s currently available in our first game, Fiesta.

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