SEGA Wants To Know Your Genesis Story

SEGA Genesis

What was your first encounter with the SEGA Genesis? To celebrate the pending arrival of the SEGA Genesis Mini, and the 30th anniversary of the SEGA Genesis, SEGA invites players to send a video clip, sharing a personal story about the legendary console. All you have to do is record and submit it straight from your phone. Whether you saving up for a Genesis by mowing lawns or pleading with your parents, playing it at a friends house or stumbling upon a TV commercial, they want to know!

Send your clip by August 13 for a chance to be included in our compilation video! But before you do, we have some tips for recording your video:

  • Camera Setup: Talk directly to the camera, just like you’re doing a video chat.
  • Video length: Please keep your video submissions no longer than 1 minute in length.
  • Using your phone: Please hold your phone on its side and record your video horizontally (landscape mode).
  • Lighting: Ideally record during the day, with indirect lighting – avoid drastic face shadows.
  • Sound: Please record in a quiet location and avoid background noise.
  • Clothing: Please avoid logos or complex patterns on your clothing.

Submit your story to this link!

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