Serenia Fantasy Review – Simplistic Cute Nostalgia

Serenia Fantasy Review – Simplistic Cute Nostalgia

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



Serenia Fantasy, published by Koramgame, is a free-to-play 2D browser game. In this cute MMORPG you will experience a lively world with the nostalgia oldschool animations many games back in the early days had. Everything in this game reminds me of those old NES games or Gameboy games back in the day, only Serenia Fantasy 10 times more vibrant. Let’s jump right in with some detailed information about this game!



As mentioned above this game is completely free and can be played in your browser. Not many serious publishers try to make a game like this in a browser format due to its inherent limitations. However, I did not feel like I was playing a browser game while playing this cute game. The game feels generally polished and not lacking in any of the areas it attempts to take on. Perhaps my nostalgia is blinding me a bit but these 2D textures take me back to a simpler era of gaming. The animations, controls and just basically everything feels smooth. You can even make your characters dance and all the monsters are active and animated. My biggest issue was the size of the game screen. The window where you play this game in is relatively small and could’ve been at least twice as big. I can understand that this is a browser game, but at least make the screen somewhat bigger than my Gameboy’s resolution. You don’t have to push the nostalgia on me that forcefully.



The automatic pathing system that’s become stock in browser games is here and works as well as can be expected. Unfortunately the makers of Serenia Fantasy pushed autopathing a bit too far by including auto-attacking and even skill use upon reaching your destination. Can’t say I’m a fan of having a game play itself for me, even if I can stop the autopathing and take control at any time. Combined with the autoquest finder they’ve really dumbed things down beyond necessity. You can literally play ‘click the colored word’ and watch your character progress.




As I said this game is absolutely cute and the game reminds me of the old NES and Gameboy rpg’s. The textures are all of high quality and the world if full of sprite variety. I must admit that every place and every object looks completely different. There is also a lot of diversity in the monsters that you will encounter on your journey. All in all this game has really cute animated graphics and since it is a browser game it will require nothing out of your system at all! Except for Internet of course.



The User Interface is also something that I am actually really fond of. Usually I’m clean simplistic interfaces that don’t intrude too much into the actual gameplay region. In Serenia Fantasy however there is quite a lot on the screen but it’s positioning as a border maintains a positive aesthetic that still feels out of the way. It would be perfect if only the resolution could be increased…




All in all this browser MMORPG holds its own in the graphics and gameplay department. Despite a few nitpicks of mine and the small resolution, it doesn’t leave much to be improved upon. I see potential if they can manage to keep the content updated and fresh. If you are a big fan of 2D games like the oldschool RPGs and want to experience it in a MMORPG format that is even playable in your browser I would definitely recommend you to play this game and enjoy the clicking that’s ahead of you.

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