Shades of Darkness

By Onrpg

This game is quite interesting.. I play it myself. Basically, what it’s a text rpg that you play through AIM, ICQ, MSN. You play the game with your characters that you create on HTML, such as you can have someone from a video game, drawn on paint.

You have a few rules and stuff to follow, probaly the most important one would be godmoding. Which means (for nubs) you can’t say like “SWINGS AT YOU AT FULL SPEED AND SLICES YOUR NECK OFF” that would be avoiding two rules. One godmoding, two being gay. Another version of godmoding would be not being hit by 500 rounds of bullets, you cant just “teleport out the way and somehow the bullet jump back at the person that’s shooting them”.

Creating characters is quite easy. Here are a few rules: All Characters must have a maximum of 4 weapons, and 6 abilitys only. Anything higher will be considered a god character. The Maximum number of characters a player can have is five. Any more information visit and look at the game rules.. Go to the Join page if your interested.

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