Shadow Lights

Well, this is the first review i’m writing. i decided to do this because i know the guy that made this, so it might kind of non professional.

Graphics: The game is text based so no real graphics, but dacauz (the creator of the game) has some cool little gifs on it, and i’ve heard that a map might be added. graphics= 1/10

Gameplay: Surprisingly fun for a text based game. It incudes chat, towns, battlefields and more. Gameplay= 8/10

Community: The community is nice, and very newbie friendly. The game however, used to be filled with hackers, but they have died down. Comminty= 7/10

Sound: There is no sound on this game, other than the clicking of the mouse. Sound= 0/10

Overall: A great fun game. Good for just sitting down and playing for a few minutes, or staring at your computer for hours until your brain rots. Overall= 9/10

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