Shadow of Legend Review: Classic MMO

By Rick Charbs, Onrpg writer

Shadow of Legend is a classic 2D styled MMORPG published by SmartCell Technology LLC. Released in 2008, one would expect something a little more refined. This game doesn’t have anything unique going for it and the features are not very impressionable, it stands out as one of the first ever mobile MMORPGS. Furthermore, this MMO can be played on the PC, making for a pretty interesting experience. This game is also cross-platform, meaning that both PC and smart phone players will interact in the same game world. We must agree that this is a pretty large step for all MMORPGS alike? online multiplayer gaming on your phone!


Not really containing anything uprising, Shadow of Legend offers pretty bland and basic gameplay. Two factions are at war in the setting of the game, and you must pick a faction as well as one of four character classes to participate in this battle. The chaos faction holds the Dwarf and Orc race, and the Agnes faction holds the Elves and the Human race. The four classes each faction can choose from are: Combatant, Mage, Monk, and Archer. Surprisingly, there is a good amount of customization as far as skill builds go, even with only four different character classes. There are many specializations in the skill trees that you can chose to follow or ignore. This MMO also features very large scale PvP combat modes, which seems obvious due to the setting of the game, and the battles are actually very well organized. With such, comes a very extensive guild system with guild bases and smaller scaled wars. There are few other features, but player mounts, a large storyline, auto-move (great for phone players), and your very basic click to fight combat. This game is severely lacking in features for a PC MMORPG, but from the mobile point of view, there is a lot to offer for such a small portable device! SmartCell also hosts many events and activities to grasp player interest, such as writing contests, giveaways, and holiday celebrations. It is truly necessary, as the game does not have much to do. You will also notice a great deal of repetition within the game.

Graphics and Sound

Shadow of Legend does not have much to review in the department of graphics and sound. Once again, on a phone, the graphics are actually quite decent and the sound is below average, whereas on a computer, the game looks way too simple, blocky, unclean, and unfinished. For a game that has released in 2008, one would hope for a little more quality and a more appealing game as far as graphics and sound go. If you like the classics, there is still hope for you! This game looks just like an MMORPG from the 90s! The settings and environments are average, though I did enjoy their integrity with the storyline of the game. In addition, the font size and GUI are obnoxiously small, as they were probably destined for smart phones. If you are looking for something next-gen however, stay far away from this one. I was severely disappointed by the visuals of this game (…and I am a fan of classic-looking games).

Personal Recommendation

Having only played this MMORPG on PC, I have little to say about it. The overall experience I have had in my short-lived time in-game was not what I had expected. It was just too simple for an MMORPG. I admit I was a little disappointed by the core features and depth of this game, but I do realise they have innovated the world of gaming as we know it, and that takes dedication! I suggest you leave this game alone if you only plan on playing it on your computer. This game is extremely casual, new gamer friendly, and well supported by its staff. That is why I believe it is the perfect type of MMORPG for a phone. I suppose this game could keep you occupied while you are travelling or just have nothing to do with your phone lying around. Personally, a phone for me is for use of talk and text only, but we all have our own tastes.


-Simple, no learning curve

-Auto-move function for easy travel

-Cross platform (smart phone / pc)

-Extensive skill trees


-Poor graphics and sound quality

-Lacking content and features


-Small font

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