Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Sees Large Closed Beta Update on Steam

Sigma Theory Closed Beta Update

Mi-Clos Studio released a large update for their upcoming spy strategy game Sigma Theory: Global Cold War today, which is scheduled for an April 18th, 2019 release on Steam. The update itself brings new and updated features, such as counter-espionage mechanics, interrogation options and a faction quest system.  Sigma Theory’s update will also add some visual polish and plenty of new agents. The Patch Notes can be found here. This will coincide with the fifth anniversary of their previous title, Out There. To celebrate this, a Sigma Theory community contest has begun (found at this link).

It is asking fans to imagine an in-game version of the current President of the United States: Donald Trump. This includes all of the “admirable qualities” he might have as one of the in-game nation leaders. The creators of the funniest mock-ups will be declared winners, have their portraits featured in the game and will receive a game pack – featuring a game key and a T-Shirt.

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