Silent Shadows

Well, first let me say this, its another player words RPG, so I know some people wont like it. If your one of those people *waves* theres the door. Ok, for those who are still reading here is the review.

Lag: Most player worlds rpg people lag, I dont lag much myself. Rate: 7/10

Gameplay: Your typical, press ctrl and swing your sword. Stuff breaks over time (weapons and armor). For mages you dont get any special affect when casting a spell. All you do is click on a monster and press a botton. Not that exciting. Rate: 4/10

Graphics and Sound: Your typical Player words graphics, nothing different. Rate: 3/10 (A new version of Silent Shadows will have upgraded graphics and may be sounds. There are no sounds right now.

Players: So far the players seem good, not your typical l33t dude players. I have had a few people help me. Rate: 8/10

Will, most of you might not like this. And the gameplay is why it got a low score from me. Nothing different about the graphics.

But if you like these type of games go ahead and try it Like I said in my reviews, a whole new version of Silent Shadows is coming out Release: ??? It might have sounds/upgraded graphics and other new stuff. This might meen it wont run on player worlds anymore.

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